Arthritis drug may cut Covid hospital deaths by half – BBC News

A drug that’s usually given to folks with arthritis may assist save lives within the remedy of Covid 19. A serious trial reveals that when Tocilizumab is mixed …

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34 thoughts on “Arthritis drug may cut Covid hospital deaths by half – BBC News

  1. In examining the data provided by a television broadcast of some time ago conducted by the journalist Formigli, on "La 7", I saw something in a graph that contrasts with the official narrative provided by public institutions and the press throughout the world on handling the Covid-19 epidemic.

    In the graph, many countries were compared in terms of deaths from Covid for million inhabitants, including two neighboring countries, namely Brazil and Argentina. As you know, Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, was harshly criticized for refusing to subject the population to lockdowns and other restrictive measures to fight the virus, contrary to what did instead Fernandez, President of Argentina, who, in addition to an eight-month lockdown, has imposed restrictions and impositions of all kinds on the population, with serious consequences for the economy of that country. The comparison that emerges from the graph is therefore surprising:

    1) Brazil – Covid deaths per million inhabitants = 786
    2) Argentina – Covid deaths per million inhabitants = 801

    First of all, I note that the data contrasts with what was disseminated by the media around the world, namely the thousands of deaths that were attributed to Bolsonaro for not having adopted the anticovid measures advocated by the more "advanced" countries against the virus, which instead in the graph, they appear even lower than those of a neighboring country like Argentina, which had instead adopted all the restrictive anticovid measures. So, according to this graph, published by a television channel notoriously favorable to anticovid measures, restrictions and lockdowns are not useful tools to prevent the spread of the disease and save people's lives.

    Doubt arises that the question concerns exclusively the serious insufficiency of the health systems in dealing with this epidemic, and that all the restrictive measures imposed on populations all over the world have served and will only serve to destroy the social and economic fabric of the various countries.

  2. I thought they used all medication they had thats why they made a vaccine. Is this billions of tax payers money down the drain when there is existing drugs.

  3. The drug more effective is Ivermectin with 90% survival rate. But they won't use it I wonder why id rather take that then the emergency vaccine.

  4. Forget that. 1 week remedy is as follows…
    Monday) Peanut butter and toothpaste directly into the anus
    Tuesday) a line of marmite powder. (Yeast is king)
    Wednesday) Draw nipples on your forehead with a purple sharpie
    Thursday) Do not blink (not even once’s)
    Friday/Saturday) great, it’s the weekend… Gargle Cif
    Sunday) Binge watch Rupaul’s drag race
    Monday) You can sashay away completely corona free.

  5. Hello every single in all over the place in world!
    1st you all have to understand Governments systems and Medical systems all are well planned frame work for controlling people as slaves!
    When you are realizing yourself then you can understand everything!
    Please ask yourself anyone may be lived in the world 1,000 years??? Any medical professionals or any Scientists, Any Doctors all are nothing to worry about die???
    Who doesn't need to get die???

    Few questions please ask yourself and find the truth within you!

    1- Do you wear masks and wash hands with the any chemicals then you no need to die ah?

    2- Do you measure your temperature and check Covid test then you no need to die ah??

    3- Do you go Any medical care and take any drug tablets then you no need to die ah???

    4- Do you inject any Vaccines then you no need to die ah????

    5- Do you follow the rules and regulations from the government and Medical advise on WHO then you no need to die ah?????

    Please try to understand the truth " everyone has to be die in their time is arrived, any human knowledge Science technology medical system never ever save a single person from the death!

    But all human beings misunderstood and Fear about Death!

    Death fear is the base for being slave!

    Don't forget one day every single one has to be die their time is arrived!

    Any human knowledge science technology medical never ever know the time or day when you are going to die!

    Please realize yourself in your mind!

    Human never ever have any power to control Nature!

    Any natural disasters can be stopped by the human???

    If Human knowledge Science and technology now they talk very high then can you kill all the Mosquitoes from the world or can you kill all the germs ???

    Human knowledge is experience in past next moment what Will happen any human knowledge technology never ever know that!

    please realize and accept understand human knowledge is zero or nothing do in Nature!

    Who control in Nature?

    Every Question ask yourself and find the answer from your heart!

    Everyone has to live their life independently
    No one is not Slave in the world!

    Please don't divide the people with any ideology!

    Please don't make people as slaves and don't be a slave yourself!

    This World for Everyone!

    Everyone has to live peacefully with their families!

    God gives us for our happy life
    Free Air
    Free Water
    Free Foods
    Livable Land
    Beautiful flowers and Trees , Birds , Animals , Rivers , Mountains for our entertainments
    But Now we find what?
    Why we work and live as slavery life???

    We all are not honest but we find Honest
    Until you working for the money never ever be a truthful and honesty!

    One life is gifted to us by the god!
    Please find the purpose of human life!

    Happiness within your mind happiness is not about things or anything in outside…..

    Human life is very easy but now we're in wrong ways……

    Everyone please remember every single one must be die in their time is arrived any reason you say or not it must happen!

    Any guns or atomic bombs or military power can not make peaceful life for everyone!

    Everyone loves each other please make this world peaceful and truthful!

    Human have to save humanity with the truth and peaceful…..

    What you do, you must get it back…..
    Please spread the love and peace god must be blessed you!
    Don't find the god from any symbolism or any building or any human beings…..

    Find the God within your heart!
    Always God is in your heart please hear his voice within you!

    Thank god for make me understand about human life

  6. I know of three people, over 60 all obese (not morbidly) who had it and recovered af home, one (a man) needed oxygen for a few days, they all recovered

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