Arriving Boracay Island Philippines

Arriving in Boracay Philippines. Boracay is likely one of the stunning seashore all over the world. That is our second go to right here in Boracay. The primary go to was off-season …

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35 thoughts on “Arriving Boracay Island Philippines

  1. I always enjoy visiting the Philippines, their infrastructure has been sadly neglected, however.. Singapore is just hours away and is a night and day difference.

  2. a) Why would anyone break up with you? That guy is nuts
    b) That guy was calling out "balut! balut!" In Bacolod I heard "puto! puto!"

  3. Crishel walk so fast, its like both of are running out of time.. anyway niiiceeee videeeoooo sissy 😊😊😊😊😊

  4. Again you flying through the shop's etc, it's like you don't want your viewers to explore with you, not a wonder you don't get much likes, I would have given this video a thumps up

  5. Philippines has really undergone an economic revolution in the past decade or so. There are still alot of poor people as always, but many many people have been elevated out of poverty and technology has played a big role.

  6. I went to Boracay 4 years in a row. Downside always there was something else being built it was also starting to get more weedy along the shoreline. Upside stunning sunsets many great places to eat. Last time there I was swimming and a guy near me pulled up out of the water a plant that had a beautiful red flower but on the end of the flower the root had a 6 inch long turd that the flower was growing out of. YUX!

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