Armchair Detective reads the CHRIS WATTS Discovery Files, Pages 338-

The DEFINITIVE CHRIS WATTS CASE Discovery Information. Early suspicions from Shanann Watts’ mom, jail mail addressed to Christopher Watts and transcripts of …

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11 thoughts on “Armchair Detective reads the CHRIS WATTS Discovery Files, Pages 338-

  1. Body language interpreter would it be possible to get professionals to find out if he had help with the killing of the family or if CW actually did The killing by himself?

  2. It is interesting now that I think of it that Mrs R suspected CW. After he was the “best” thing since sliced bread… I suppose a mother always knows.

  3. Hi AD. So sorry I missed the life. I had a extremely busy day today but I’m watching the replay so I can keep up. I am truly addicted to your channel. Thank you so much for all your share and all your hard work . Enjoy your shows so much. The entertainment is awesome. I really enjoy story time. It’s so soothing sometimes I fall asleep. I hope you have a wonderful evening.😊. Much much love and hugs to you and Winston💕

  4. Was she not getting notifications, due to CW reading them first….I have always wondered if he had access to her phone data via synched account/cloud.

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  6. I think someone was in the house so Chris did not give up the access number at front door and made them wait till he got there

  7. Thank you Alan, there's a few things in that I didn't know before. I really do appreciate your hard work. Wish I could go to Patreon.. One day 👍😀

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