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21 thoughts on “Ark Survival Evolved – The Island EP3 (Taking Flight)

  1. Fyi it's probably metal ingot not ignot. Idk for sure as I've not played this game but ingot is the way most games refer to metal bars

  2. another handy setting if you havent already done it, is turn off structure c;lipping, so you can slightly overlap structures if you want. Makes it possible to put alot more crafting structures in a smaller area. Lost my chit when i saw that pirannah!! Keep it up big nuts 😉 . . Also, you already @ 200k views on Ep1 after 1 week! A bloody good sign to me, cause the better these vids do, the more chance you'll keep pumpin out primo content. Well done G-bangers.

  3. If you hit F instead of E on the water tap, you can access the inventory and put the water skin in there to fill it. Also if you hit F while riding a dino you can access its inventory without dismounting.

  4. Ha ha ha Maybe "Thick" and "Dora" would like the thing you said was a rock collector…. You could name it Simon from like Simon and Garfunkel, Is their Wyverns in this version? Can you tame Direwolf Ghost? I mean in Hmong belief it is referred to as a Neeb… Since there are so many spirits in the map. Maybe refer to them as Neebs… I don't know why those names 😉 but they just seemingly to go together. SO weird…

  5. glock you should go into the forest and look for giant cat like kangaroo thing on the trees called thylacoleo, considered by a lot of people to be the best mount in the game since double jump on a wall makes it so you can go up and down it and you can inflict bleed with a massive health pool, although be-careful since they blend in and can pounce you which means a death sentence coming from above

  6. glock: fight or die. Me a ark player with 5000 hours in game: uhh tip fight or flight is wa better
    also if you see the head of thick glow red then hold down right click and charge away because that glow means that there are probably a t-rex around or a giga or a spino or something big and hungry that is gonna eat you, and you can hold down right click and then let go to charge, which deals a lot of damage with knockback and increased speed, however pressing any keys after releasing the right click would cancel it

  7. How the heck are you levelling up so fast 3 days in and your way ahead of the game then I would be at this point? Have you got XP to max or something

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