Arizona GOP Rep Introduces Bill To Give Legislature Power To Throw Out Election Results | All In

The Republican Celebration in Arizona is completely imploding. They haven’t been in a position to win many races—particularly statewide races—they usually know their future is …

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34 thoughts on “Arizona GOP Rep Introduces Bill To Give Legislature Power To Throw Out Election Results | All In

  1. This is nothing new in fact it's already done throughout the United States. I live in a town of 1600 here in Texas. We get to vote for our mayor so let's say out of the 1600 there's 1,000 registered voters. Now say that 800 of those voters vote for a certain person to become mayor. So the mayor gets elected and city council decides they don't like the mayor so what is their recourse.
    They go out and hire a city manager that is the polar opposite of the voted for mayor. City manager is an appointed official that didn't receive one vote. The city manager then dictates how the city is managed.
    Now let's say that the chief of police decides to resign and the city manager rather than hiring a new chief police simply takes that position within the city as well.
    You might say that's a conflict of interest because then you have the chief of police reporting to him or herself in which both positions report to the city council making the mayor nothing more than a figurehead.
    Some might call this not a democracy but a monarchy whereas the mayor is simply the King or Queen with the city manager filling the role of prime minister and the city council being the House of Lords. That is how things are done here in Texas and many other states in our Democratic republic.

  2. The next Republican administration will be the last democratic election. They want a dictatorship to destroy whatever Democrats have ever done. After that, they will remove all freedoms to make sure the dictatorship is permanent.

  3. The one who introduced this bill should be jailed for life, no bail and no possibility of commute and pardon. That's how serious his/her crime is.

  4. fairly certain that would be unconstitutional. Even if this passed, constitutional lawyers could take these cases and make their way to state supreme court and likely have it struck down. It's also a sight to see the party that grandstands about Freedom and liberty work so hard to take away peoples freedoms and liberties. Abe Lincoln would be proud of his party and the collective filth of the American public that now choose to inhabit it.

  5. So they're just ok with throwing out democracy for power and keep it for themselves and not let anyone take it from them even though the power that they have was given to them by the people of arizona and now they're trying to ensure that they maintain power even though they could get voted out in the next election but they don't care about the will of the people they just care about their own will to rule over everyone

  6. Our forefathers knew maintaining a democracy would be a problem and as history tells us all too clearly, all great nations fail in the end.

  7. The GOP Republicans have been trying to suppress people's votes, spreading lies!!! All while enriching there pocketbooks with millions of dollars!

  8. so many evil GOP politicians betraying the voice of the people. These GOP Republicans need to be held accountable for their actions and voted out of office!!!

  9. The U.S. system hasn't been a real Democracy for a long time. It is thoroughly corrupt. Voters actually have limited influence in determining who will be President. The war on Democracy has only been taken up a notch & is now more out in the open. The 2-party system is already inadequate as is. With Congress & the Supreme Court allowing corporate money to control elections & big political media organizations like Fox News, & corporate media, and online propaganda to control the narrative & the message that citizens get (demonizing candidates that it doesn't like & setting the table for who will be nominated)…by the time citizens actually vote…the election is largely already decided. The U.S. would do better if it had 1). More political parties- at least 4 needed.; 2). A new 'fairness doctrine' that would cover TV, radio, & the internet (including combating and/or not allowing misinformation, fact-checking, etc); 3). More transparency 4). Deplatforming extremists & their groups. 5). Make public funding of elections standard…removing corporate money from the process. 6). Do a much better job educating the public about civics, and about the issues…relying on facts…not fairytale nonsense.

    Only then will the U.S. have a chance at becoming a great Country & saving itself.

  10. trump was never elected by votes .he was allowed after getting nearly 3 million fewer votes in 2016. the g o p are a fascist party now. remove them.

  11. That's not democracy. What's the point of voting if your votes mean nothing? They might as well just cancel the voting altogether.

  12. Democracy if we win. Autocracy if we lose. It what white supremacists must do, when their only other option is appealing to non-white voters with non-white supremacist policies.

  13. My,Beloved,Brother's And Sister's,This,Are,A,Continuously Attacks Of,The Ungodly Wicked,To,Destroy,The Constitutional Law's Of God,And Freedom's,And,Constitutional Liberty's,And,Protection's and Stability's In Living Life,This,Bill are a continuous Attempt's,To,Usurp Authority's Over the American People's Vote,And, Too,Usurp,The Authority's from the Supreme Court,Giving Authority's too Mitch McConnell Schumer Nancy Polocey Military's Commander's Deep State Congress,The Power's to Pic when ever,Who ever they want over the President's Election of,The United States of America,God's Action's Are Clear Disregards for the Constitutional Law's,Treasonous Behavior's,Gross Criminal Action's,These Politician's Do,Not, Believe In Science because Science Confirms Confirmation's,Of,God Creation Of,Us,Man,Human being's, Science Confirms God's Certainty's and Absolute's of,God,Creating Human being's, Science Confirms God's Constitutional Law's, Science Confirms God's Authority's Over the Live's Of Human being's, Science are the Connection between the Supernatural and the Physical Existence of Human being's,Please,Acknowledge,That, Too,Reject Sciencetis Science,Are,To Reject God,And, Jesus Christ Emanuel,And,The Constitutional Law's Of God,The Farther,That's,In,The Heaven's Above,Humanity's Freedom's and liberty's,It's Spiritual Warfare Hatred's People's,This,Are,A,Voting System Mean's,That,The Election's are Decided by Voter's Number's,Not Lawmaker's, You're, Brother, Gaylord Daney.

  14. I am so sick of these inept loser babies being compared to fascists, the trains ran on time under mousilini , hitler brought germany out of the third world, these people didn't lose elections , No , the modern GOP is worse than fascists, they are trashing their country only to keep their egos inflated, what we need to do is circulate some naked pics, to emasculate them out of office… Weenies huhuhhhhuhuhu beavis huhuhuh

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