Are forest fires unlocking the radiation in Chernobyl? – BBC News

An exclusion zone has preserve the world surrounding the location of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe hidden from public view for a few years. However in 2020 there …

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44 thoughts on “Are forest fires unlocking the radiation in Chernobyl? – BBC News

  1. every African American a million! An empire was built on them. Each Indian has 2 million dollars, this is their land

  2. Oh good I'm glad this is only being reported on now… The firefighters? Yeah horrible they're suffering with this.

    …but all that radiation has just been blowing over Europe for months

  3. BBC News так трогательно заботятся о Чернобыле… Как насчет миллионов тонн зараженной воды в Фукусиме?

  4. Why the f* do such things that so critically affect so many people always happen in countries that don't give a f* about their responsibility and only worry about public perception??
    Don't get me wrong, Im not blaming the firefighters, theyre worst off. I'm blaming those who were put in charge

  5. The Eastern block don't seem to value human life the way we do in the west life is cheap as long as people in power are not affected it doesn't seem to matter no conscious what so ever they are a complete disgrace to humanity

  6. BBC and all the FAKE NEWS has to go , they have no news , the only real news left out there is all the news left is fake news , down fo a few websites here in the USA ,we are being censored more Korea’s “Kim” Was censoring his own people . I don’t think we are in the USA 🇺🇸 anymore ? Project Veritas proves ,how fake CNN has become –

  7. So climate change killed the Forrest? Not a Nuclear MeltDown?Meltdown?
    Edit: also you should focus more on how they Failed their control fire. So they caused it?

  8. of course it is…airborne hot particles which were trapped in the trees now released, also correlates to Covid spikes…

  9. You’d assume they would have unlimited funds to protect the area, seeing the amount of innocent people that sacrificed their lives to contain the original disaster. It’s like they couldn’t care less about the place or the damage it’s caused the planet!

  10. When we look at how we have dealt with disasters in the past, we were too clever for our own good.
    Now,we need to deal with these short term answers , will we still just kick the can down the road?
    Or come together and realise the people/countries of the entire world must work together to solve this climate crisis in an ethical way once and for all before we become extinct

  11. Me: hearing the radiation detectors alaming.

    Also Me:
    My HBO chernobyl senses is tingling…

  12. Вы там не можете набрать нормальных корреспондентов? А то даже меня с моим хреновым английским передёргивает, когда я слышу Жанну.

  13. It was in April 2020, why to show it right now? I think BBC need more sensations or scare British citizens locked at home even more. I am from Ukraine, it's winter here, no fires as it rains almost every day.

  14. 2020: They’ll never forget me! I’ll be The Year to Remember for centuries!

    2021, cackling wildly while pulling on a gasmask and Fallout gear: You call that a face mask? This is a face mask!

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