Are Congressional Republicans breaking away from Trump?

Congress is making ready for a brand new battle after handing President Trump the primary Congressional defeat of his time period. The Senate is ready to substantiate President-elect Joe …

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45 thoughts on “Are Congressional Republicans breaking away from Trump?

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  2. the CCP CHINA has somehow infiltrated our gov.. our legal system. this world virus hoax is the '' world banking cartel'' the great reset to save the rich elite from the growing mass of humanity the bankers knew they would be overwhelmed by the ''have nots'' as they flaunt their 5 castles and 4 yachts. they in fear of the masses designed ''agenda 2021'' of course with their massive wealth they made it happen time we all look around it is almost too late …..

  3. ByBL- If they do you can bet there will not be a Republican party anymore. No real voter fraud investigation, will be the last straw.

  4. They’re nervous because the Democrats are Cheating mofos Who apparently really love communism because that’s what will happen

  5. President Trump is showing up many Republicans who do not pull their weight…too lazy and incompetent. They are nothing without Trump.

  6. "i just want to find 11,780 votes," in extraordinary hour-long call, trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor… hahahaha. trump followers are effing insane. they better be breaking away if they have any shred of sanity left.

  7. I think everyone including the US military needs to be in the highest alert. The US Constitution is being attacked.

  8. The cheater is accusing others of cheating and he's not trying to hide it. He should be removed from office immediately

  9. While these posers challenge an election that's been settled by the voters and supported by the courts, thousands are dying from the mishandling of the pandemic. I wish they were more interested in helping the peole who are suffering, physically and economically, rather than positioning themselves for a future presidential run.

  10. I’m sick of corrupt politicians and the fake media trying to drag sleepy Joe over the line using fake postal voters.

  11. God help Republicans. Trump and his mindset of division and hate have done more damage to America. Total lack of leadership and accountability. I’ll never vote Republican until they purge their ranks of these severely tainted individuals.

    William Cohen said it’s possible the Republican party could split. If that’s what it takes to sever this malignant tumor (Trump & co) then so be it.

    In my opinion Republicans have no guts to stand up against Trump. They are COWARDS. They’re afraid to speak their minds. All they do is parrot 🦜 asinine Trump tweets. Prove me wrong.

  12. It would seem that the Republican party will ultimately bifurcate. Trump has very cleverly done his hit-job. Socially responsible Republicans (a possible oxymoron) will never go along with the current subversive shenanigans. If they did…that would end our Republic as we know it. They know it would then become a populist, autocratic, cult state, with nothing in common with what the founders intended. But, if they don't go along with cultist sentiments, it sinks the Republican party as we know it…. "a rock and a hard place." This is what happens inevitably, when you sell your soul to the devil, who, it turns out, is not red., but orange. (Check out trends in pre-WW2 Germany).

  13. Biden can't be elected president he's unstable and his vice presidential candidate is unstable we can't let two socialists / communists he in charge of our country !

  14. BUMBLING JOE BIDEN can't win with only 350 counties and yet pulls 80 million votes the math is impossible – a meter maid could have proven this in court

  15. Corrupt Impeach Loser Trump Going to Lose Election In 2024 From Jail/Prison ! We See Corrupt Lying Racist Trump For Who He Really Is ! A Coward Corrupt Criminal Conman !!!!


  17. Spineless cowards wouldn’t stand up for anything but their pockets! Thankful for Hawley and the others with conviction 👍

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