This had been a protracted two months, however right here I’m with a brand new video 🙂 Thanks to your help and thanks for being affected person whereas I made all once more.

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38 thoughts on “Aquascaping – THE ISLANDS – Reborn

  1. What is the temperature of ur aquarium and do u use aquarium chiller and what should be the temperature of a planted aquarium?

  2. I know this is controversial information but I purchased one UV sterilizer to swap around to any tanks having problems and whatever tank i put it in algae, hair and all dies

  3. Wow so cool! Love your work and thanks for showing the process and solutions to the problems you had. I'm going to begin planning my own aquascape and slowly build one myself

  4. Ive been watching aquascape videos for a long time now. ALL the music is sad and dismal. You my friend used an amazing song, that i couldn't mute while watching!! mad props!! dope scape too

  5. Vladimir you had lots of light in your previous setup. 4×39 for these dimensions are huge overkill. You had a filamentous algae seems like synedra.. I had the same problem because of excess light. Same story as you. Keeps coming back the whole time. I ended up tearing down the tank and rescape 🙂

  6. saw your last vid and i think you need amano shirmp they clean the algae for your aquarium at least 60 they will clean everything.

  7. It was meant to happen in the first video i didn't notice that they were actually island's i thought they were rocks with plants behind them in the second video i saw the islands more clearly. One other thing that tank can win first price if it didn't already. Great work great story. I laughed when i saw your hand go into the tank and start spraying the algae, thumbs up.

  8. Vladimir, I enjoyed the speech bits! Don't worry too much about your English. I could understand everything clearly. Don't get discouraged. Also, I love your hardscaping! I just started my first tank and I want to pick new rocks and hardscape. Lol Your tank is very inspiring!

  9. hi vladimir, can i know the maintenance that you do after adding water to your tank such as water changing, lighting and co2 set time?

  10. All the music could be turned down nearly mute but the mix is eclectic and not in a good way. The percussion is OK for dancing but no so much for viewing. The Dutch style of aquascaping is nice but there are other compositions. If it is an art then copying the masters is good for practice but there shall never be a new style. people will never develop their own style.

  11. Well done for sticking with it. I have got so disheartened with my tank so many times. Persistence pays off.
    Cool layout btw

  12. I cant tell if thats a person blowing into a saxophone as hard as they can or the sound of a baby seal being clubbed to death. Either way that song is awful!!!

  13. Hello a very nice scap mine is like yours, how is the name of your co2 diffuser he likes me can you tell me the name?

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