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38 thoughts on “ANOTHER Synthahol Continuity Mistake in Star Trek Discovery + Replicator Spoof Edit

  1. Well since Tilly has the name of a dog and is a horribly miscast actress in the first place why wouldn’t she drink near beer and not even know it? After all, she is an idiot.

  2. They stayed up until 00::00hrs…wild and probably on a school night too without their parents permission. What a pair of wild eyed loners on a 32nd century starship ride to oblivion.

  3. But.. all Tilly said was that they drank Synthahol, she never said they got drunk?… What's wrong with just having a drink with friends?…

  4. 0:07 "So…as we are losing our breath from the lack of life support, let's all stand here with no sense of urgency, fully explained the meaning of the phrase about that time with my BFF milky burnham 😍"

  5. TOS Enterprise had food synthesizers. They function similarly, albeit at a lower level of sophistication, to a TNG replicator. I'm actually more bothered that Lower Decks has introduced the idea that only senior officers have access to higher quality and more fanciful replicator recipes, as if a device that runs on energy (which starships have in abundance) and basic matter should be segmented for no reason other than to give the senior officers a tastier meal than the average crew person.

  6. Why does New Trek have to have steam coming out of the floor like that? You never saw steam coming out of the deck on TNG's Enterprise, unless there was some kind of leak or physical damage.

  7. That apple is gonna get smaller and smaller everytime it gets eaten and then passed. Some of it will be absorb and kept within the body, most of the moisture pissed out… The smaller the apple the more people it's been through.

  8. "Would you like to live in an utopia. Without poverty, diesese or war?"

    Me: "Sure"

    "There's no alcohol though"

    Me: "F**k that!"

  9. Again, just another piece of evidence towards my claim that STD writers just look at the wiki page and pull out terms to use in the show without bothering to actually understand what they mean or how they should be used.

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