An update from Google on the News Media Bargaining Code

Mel Silva, Managing Director for Google Australia, explains why there’s a workable information code that does not break Google Search. Study extra about what the …

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43 thoughts on “An update from Google on the News Media Bargaining Code

  1. I like it how it is, aussie think they can do anything, just leave australia see how, then all those free user have to pay for everything then they be singing new tune

  2. Google deplatforms and removes links by Conservatives and people of religious faith, as a few examples. That fundamentally breaks the free and open internet. Google has enemies from every sector of society because of this.

  3. There's no "free and open web" with Google. We don't need your fake search engine with it's doctored results. We don't need your apps fleecing our private data. You're a publisher, get over yourself.

  4. People have stood up against Kings and Queens, governments and dictators… now we must stand up to big tech who are over stepping the mark and attempting to dictate how a nation should operate.

    Your either with the nation, or against it. Do not think its the other way around.

    Pull out of Australia if you must, Australia will show the world Google is expendable and that there will always be others options if needs must. You've had a good run, don't let greed and the desire for power become your downfall.

  5. Wasn’t Julian Assange Australian? Wonder if Wikileaks would qualify for this? They’d be going for another 100 years with the popularity and the money that google would be forced to pay them 😂

  6. Im happy if google remove their search. quite frankly its garbage, frustrating and clearly aimed at profiteering. Bing has been heaps better for searching or things that are critically important with my local Yacy node for everything else. I even throw in a bit of Yandex and and yahoo. all better give as good or better results and your not spammed with constantly tsunami waves of advertising. Cya google, you werent the first and you are just not that important. I thought it sucked when altavista and dejanews disapeared, what I learnt is the hole will be filled with something bettter.

  7. Remember the yellow pages? – companies paid for an advertisement in there and you would call them.
    What if every time you called, yellow pages had to pay the company for the call? It doesn’t make sense.
    I’m with google on this one. Keep the web free and open. Murdoch media should not be profiting for their lack of innovation and they should be paying for advertisements, looks like they want google to pay for their advertisements and also pay every time someone clicks on their website. It’s a joke

  8. Just before all this started Murdoch shut down over 100 newspapers in Australia and made them all digital. Some were just suburban times, messengers etc but it still cost a few bob to advertise your business in there. I have no idea whether the operating costs for these papers exceeded the profits from advertising as some were free but I wouldn't be too surprised if there's a monetary hole that needs filling at newscorp.

  9. Love how many people on here criticising Google and telling them to get out of Australia. You do realise that you used Google to get to this comments section in the first place, don't you? Also I'm pretty sure Duck Duck Go is not immune to this bargaining code.

  10. youtube and google getting too much power, one day who knows the USA gov give what order to Google. According to what happended to Huawei, Google still have to listen to order from Gov. No different which the USA or Australia. So it is fine for me if Google leave Australia.Bye.!

  11. lol I love the psychological acting from this woman.
    You talk about breaking how searches work yet Google implemented carefully design algorithms to force what people see when they search for something for their own means. Not only that but they push every other search engine to do the same. I'll never forget when Covid first happened and Google scrambled to change algorithms to suit, for a 4 day period it was completely broken and you could search whatever you wanted like you could over 10 years ago. Fuck em.

  12. It's Murdoch. Pretty much any newspaper which makes you pay to look at their website is either his or Newscorp which is still his.

    After all the people signed Rudd's petition it would be mad if this law was passed, it would just show how corrupt the Australian government and the ACCC are if Murdoch can just buy them like that.

  13. we search and then you decide what we read, now Google is doing censorship like Chinese Communist party (CCP). So I agree with Australia government.

  14. Once you are directed to a news service you hit the paywall or advertising. The media can't have it both ways. If the media isn't happy with Google then I suggest they stop uploading to the internet

  15. Google and Facebook, just drop the fookening australian news service, its fooked anyway, its not news its just long adverts …drop them , no one would care less..

  16. Guess what people don’t have to use Google grow up “you know how search works” oh my f’in god pathetic as though people shouldn’t be allowed to work themselves they shouldn’t be allowed to have a brain let a machine undermine them for mere stupid profit. “In Australia, it’s what we DO that matters” and what’s Google DO when it’s PASSIVE. 🙄 F’OFF people don’t say it enough f’in manipulative monopolies feed yourselves. From this point I’ve stopped using it. Thanks for sharing always nice 👍 to give the public a heads up about what a loser you are big f’n company begging over greed and laziness get a life nevermind a job figure out the basics first because you’ll figure out really f’in fast faster than a “search engine” how useless you almost made yourself. Go home feed your kids teach them something that’s where “for the good of all” exists for the good of all it’s NOT “OUT THERE” competing like a bunch of idiots instead of being a Google boy’s slave with its government.

  17. Just don't link to news articles at all and take out the top stories in search results. Have people go to those sites directly.

  18. gov wants all internet cut off to entire planet this to stop there corruptions and police receiving massive public backlash this is a bribe to hush this planet we must stop gov they don't have powers to use gov powers no more world must learn our new laws and gov must be arrested removed from gov offices and detained now acting in deception we don't know these new laws that they have been disbanded find laws and drive gov out they not gov no more

  19. I pay for a monthly google subscription and if you elect to prevent progression as part of the economy I pay just under half my income to each year in tax; I will reluctantly part ways with google. Don't pretend other options are not already available.

  20. google fact is gov and lawyer police cant use gov powers to make any rules or laws and cant enforce any push back with the new international law say they lost all powers to act as gov and police find this law push back hard

  21. police gone private entity with stolen unpaid abn and business registration not been paid for like all other business required to do but police stolen this right as entity it now trading illegaly police now disbanded due fact not following rule of gov law and not enforcing gov law or protecting serving our public as they paid for effectively since new international law police now disbanded and now acting or impersonating police and doing so using deception that we don't know about this new laws

  22. international law now say police lawyers banker covid pushers all members have lost there powers to use any gov laws or use and powers indefinitely you do realize all gov are lawyers right well new laws disbanded them all using gov powers ausy gov hiding this new laws and not left the gov courts still operating with deception that legal system still active its not they been disbanded by international law we are lawless time we recreate new justice system that serve justice not money court build for greed not justice now they hold no powers for any person on this planet when world going to enforce these new laws it my understanding of this new law that if any person who using these services are braking the law and must be jailed and been mentioned it be fema camps

  23. another reason to boycott Murdoch and vote Morrison out.
    this is all about Murdoch and Morrisons lust for power. Murdoch keeps Morrison in power .. and Morrison loves power.
    this is about censorship. the bias which now exists within the ABC is proof of that.
    Google needs to support independent journalism.
    Murdoch seeks to control all media in Australia .. and Morrison is quickly establishing Australia as a Banana Republic.
    I support Google.

  24. The main stream media are hurting where it hurts most, in their hip pockets. I say bugger them they don't deserve any support. For example, Free to Air TV in Australia is a joke, it should be called free to Air Ads, rotten money grabbing mob, in fat they should close them down altogether. I don't watch or read the news after all , its already "old news". Thanks

  25. police failed uphold our laws all must be detained and arrested and jailed time that public take stand against crimes our justice system built for money not justice its time we take back control and make our own courts and bring real justice to those who need it

  26. $4.9 biilion in revenue last year. only $59 million in tax paid.
    Turn Google off if you like…. Im sure your competitors will be happy.
    Worst. Bluff. Ever.

  27. I don't understand why the Australian Government would do this. If the Articles are online, it available to all. Google is providing links to those websites which give them Free exposure. Why would you charge Google? Makes no sense to us. Can you comment below if I am missing something.

  28. time drive gov out this country they criminals sick tired been stolen from they thieves lets say no more time burn all money no money no gov no gov no more theft and corruption

  29. Suggesting a coffee shop to friends is not the same as using news provided by commercial news outlets.
    If the link only had a header then this would be understandable. Once it has a summary it is seen as the news and not a link. There is a current generation or two that just reads the headlines, and, maybe the 250 word summary.
    The Google search engine should just be search engine, and, not just a income earner for Google, which is understandably a company that has to make a profit.
    This video is an insult to the intelligence of all, including google members.

  30. Immoral and evil act this is by google, you cannot sugarcoat it lady. The company is corrupt and wants to control the laws in a sovereign country


  32. No mention is made by Mel Silva from Google Australia of the algorithms Google use to marginalise information and Ideas they don't like. Shadow banning and the digital version of putting your 'thumb on the scale' to emphasise and push forward their chosen agenda is a very real thing. Don't fool yourself. the 'convenience' of Google comes with a very high pricetag. Fairness ethics and the level playing field we Aussies consider as 'fair go' disappeared years ago. Wake up Australia. We should neigher prop up the mainstream media – nor should we trust the half-truth Google is peddling. It's not an 'either/or' situation … it is more of a 'neither and now what' scenerio.

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