An Emotional Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Finale Discussion

Within the last Season three installment of “The Prepared Room,” host Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology) poses significant questions round variety and …

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45 thoughts on “An Emotional Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Finale Discussion

  1. wtf with that ,
    all the main male character except Saru…are completely effeminate guys….
    BOOK doesn't count, he is a complete sex toy of Burnham…. his brain's are in his pants 👖
    And Vance is widowed

  2. Its shit
    Everything they have addressed has been done better before .
    Its lazy the writing is atrocious, it should be called star trek Burnham and the Discovery. Picard was the same

  3. Someone remebers back in Time when Star Trek was good?
    This series is an offence to everyone who cared for Star Trek

  4. What did I just watch? It was so incredibly Bad. Wow.
    The inner turbolift world of discovery was so rediculous or that a fleet of ships from the Future cannot disable discovery…
    A Microchip wall that swallows persons? Of course 🤣
    And the over the top acting is Bad – always emotional und crying and so on
    A warpcore that ejects like in this episode? Really? Oh Boy…. It was beyond bad

  5. Hello everyone in advance I want to congratulate you, I live in a small farm in Marinilla, Antioquia (Colombia) and I look forward to seeing the next chapter of Star Trek Discovery every Friday, I am 47 years old and I have witnessed all the Star Trek and They all carry with them the yearnings of humanity to leave the solar system, they make us dream of those fantastic stellar trips, those interpersonal relationships with beings of other species, especially now that they are trying to reconnect with other civilizations. Keep doing what you are doing and how you are doing it, it is an exciting program, full of action, sadness, happiness and dreams that one day as a race we want to achieve, the cast is incredible, a BRAVO-ZULU for everyone and see you next Friday.

  6. I like that actress( she is good) but the Burnham character is way too powerful…the writers have to balance her out….and she didn't pay for her crimes of the past….
    She is too impulsive, and have complete disregard to the chain of command….
    And wtf with that that all the main male character except saru…are completely effeminate guys….
    BOOK doesn't count, he is a complete sex toy of Burnham…. his brain's are in his pants 👖

  7. Burnham (🔥🐖) is captain?
    I think somewhere in universe, Captain Picard synthetic body is continuously spinning at warp 9 in his bodly  grave….

  8. Congratulation Sonequa Martin-Green in being given the rank of Captain. I am not surprise to see Burnham become Captain, I do hope to see a NEW Discovery -B in season 4. And I hope we have a better understanding of the ability of Book to navigate the Spore Drive, I did think you just pulled that out to easy. I WOULD LIKE TO see the other races in the other Star Trek series Like the Metrons or Trelane's people or the Organions. Have a wonderful live till we see you all again.

  9. I think the 3rd season was the best in the series however I think the writers failed on a couple of things. The writers brought in two new characters to the show Adira and her inner Trill. These characters were not really needed. I could have easily see Commander Jett Reno played by Tig Notaro accomplishing what Adira did and Tig has a fantastic sarcastic delivery of lines that adds to the show. The writers have also missed an opportunity for Patrick Kwok-Choons character to flouish as he is now the only Asian on the ship. Hopefully the writers will bring out more storylines for the actors/crew that have been with the series all 3 seasons.

  10. This cis white hetero male cried his eyes out. That was perhaps of the finest episode of all Star Treks I have ever seen…and I've seen them all.

  11. Love the show but what was with the ridiculous turbo shaft sequence? Just how big is Discovery?? Does it have TARDIS technology? And while we are on internal structure, who designs a warp core ejection system that allows the core to dangerously bounce off the sides and has to travel through about a mile of tubing? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. No the show is about diverse space female Jesus that can do anything and never fell it should be called cry trek as every single episode has someone crying but to main point this show is actually garbage this just pisses on the legacy Gene Roddenberry it’s the lowest Star Trek show ever made it was actually struggle to watch this series watching this series made me drink and smoke and made me want to kill myself why would you make a Ensign your first officer when female speaks Jesus is the demoted to science officer how can everyone keeps calling her commander

  13. The Star Trek purists going all full hardy on criticisms miss the point. It’s entertainment, that’s it. The moment i turned off my purist side, I found Star Trek Discovery to be surprisingly entertaining. Just watch; it’s not Star Trek! Quit whining about it not being Star Trek, hence idiotic. Since when does sci-FI make sense “by today’s tech standards”? It’s sci-FI for goodness sake!

    Micheal was a strong inspiring female character. I hope there is a season 4.

  14. Congrats to the Actor, very happy for her. Though I really hope that Burnham does not screw up and becomes a bit more determined (like Janeway), gets more witty & strategic (like Sisko), no-nonsense & serious (like Picard), larger than life (like Kirk), more of an explorer (like Archer),… and more of a Scientist & Diplomacy and less off a warfare Captain.

  15. It felt like they had plans and stuff for 20-24 episodes this season. They were told to fit it into 13 and they were like "hell yeah, we can do that".

    And it was a mess.
    Most of the bridge crew remains unknown. They have no character. No story.

    The season is littered with plot holes because they didn't have the time to explain things.

    And then they wanted to make an action oriented show instead of Star Trek. Like look at the turbolift battle. How big is that ship? Look at the warp core ejection scene. Where the hell does that even fit?
    So many punches, so much torture, and zero diplomacy, cleverly outplaying the opponent. The solution to every problem is to get a gun. If it doesn't work, get more people with bigger guns. That is not Star Trek.

  16. "poses meaningful questions around diversity and representation" you guys dont even let that asian guy said anything other than the 2 words while you allow a blue hair ghost to act and do something heroic in S3 ep 12 – 13
    edit: Not only that, this season still failed to explore more on characters development, it's always all about burnham saving the day again and again while your epilogue is having burnham little monologue about connection and family, what a joke…

  17. I love Discovery. I love Sonequa Martin-Green, she's such a warm and wonderful person. I love her character Michael Burnham and the heart that she brings to the show. It's so great that she's finally a captain. It's so well deserved. It's so touching to see how much it means to Sonequa to represent, it means a lot to a lot of people. I've loved this show from the very first episode, and this was a fantastic season finale. I'm looking forward to what the future holds, and many more seasons to come. Let's fly 🙂

  18. And everyone is laughing like they did something great. STD will be remembered as the worst version of Star Trek ever. As soon as someone with intelligence and authority is able to cancel this mess.

  19. At some point the truth will set you free. This is the worst version of Star Trek ever. Thank God that Wanda vision and Marvel is coming out new shows that will renew my faith that good writing still exist. The Orville is coming back soon so I can get my Star Trek fix. At some point you will need to answer for all the people you have offended. STD is an abomination to Star Trek fans everywhere.

  20. This comment has nothing to do with this post,
    Season one ( good welcome back weekly episode's of star trek )
    Season two ( meah )
    Season three (OMD what a season, up your game Picard )

  21. After the series' finale, it sure felt like it, the nightmare is over finally. What a bad iteration of Star Trek this has been. So terribly bad on all levels. Burnham becoming the captain through sheer crying and incompetence was the last big disaster on this show! The heck, even Tilly was a better captain than her and that says a lot. When the end credits start to roll you honestly have the nerve / sheer effin hubris to play the TOS signature main theme! Congratulations ViacomCBS, you have gone where no one has gone before, completely destroying a beloved franchise! Now, make amends, erase this thing through putting it in a different timeline – which it already is I guess – and restart anew with a competent crew of storytellers, writers and actors. I hear the guys from Cobra Kai can do wonders or anyone except J.J. Abrams (Kelvin movies alternate timeline thingy) or Alex Kurtzman and his writers' room.
    Besides, all the representation and checkmarks and role models simply don't work with bad storytelling, plotholes all over the place, unlikeable characters and third rate actors. Sorry, that is my opinion and a lot of people have the same opinion. ViacomCBS just finally need to admit that this whole Kurtzman Trek has been and is a failure and we might accept the apology along the way at some point.
    #FireKurtzman #ResetStarTrek #MandoRocks #cobrakaineverdies #DiscoveryIsNotCanon #PicardIsNotCanon #JJTrekIsNotCanon #TheOrvilleRealStarTrek

  22. one of the best season and series ever! STAR TREK CONTINUE TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES. Can't wait for season 4 guys!

  23. Just half a season. I get the app for this one show and it feels pretty crappy to get half a season.
    Love you guys but this suxs

  24. Tilly should have been captain. She has a sense of responsibility and duty, while Michael is a rouge one, who was just degraded due to that. Michael has no sense of responsibility and normally no place in starfleet.

    Tilly however would be a good captain and she would have deserved this.
    Making Michael Captain sends wrong signals, that irresponsibility, not caring about duty and orders is a rewarding behavior – which isn’t the case.

    Michael is the anti thesis of a good starfleet officer.

    Saru or Tilly – but not Michael.
    She doesn’t have what it takes to be a star fleet captain.

    And I guess Tilly just didn’t get the promotion to captain because she‘s white – because sadly thats how racist hollywood works these days.

    A poorly written Mary Sue Character gets the promotion while the one who actually deserves it, doesn’t.

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