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38 thoughts on “An Accidental Discovery That Saved a Life

  1. I like the site but you guys have to start finding different things to film , your using the same people and places for different stories very unprofessional 2 thumbs down 👎

  2. w
    Why keep showing picture of abandoned old Edsel?? Obviously had not been driven recently and wasn't the car the boys found.

  3. People 👌 are always 👌 saying 😉 that 😔 teenagers are always 🙄 up to no good 🙄. But these guys, they saved an old man's life. They're heroes 👏! These 2 boys 👬 did 😳 a good thing. I'm so proud of them.

  4. What had this story to do with the initial picture? You do this frequently and it's not good. Why not show picture relating to the story that way we can choose or not to view it. At least it would be honest.

  5. God was in control all along he take these young man there thank you Jesus the lord protect for the two days praise the lord a miracle blessings always everyone Canada

  6. Good Story – YOU Talked It to DEATH – Babbling Details You Know Nothing About and Total DISCONNECT from Story – WIND DRIVEN – Get TO The POINT – Leave Your Imagination – OUT

  7. Great story, but it had nothing to do with a coffin falling out and a person with a taped mouth inside. Wonderbot didn't need to lie to us

  8. I understand that Waze app would have helped the judge to get back home without all this heartbreaking situation…. It's not easy to get old and with Alzheimer's disease! We must train our beloved ones to rely using this app.

  9. This would be so much more enjoyable if the narrator didn’t take forever to make each point. (not to mention there being commercials every 3 minutes 😆)

  10. What caring boys. They went out of their way to figure out why there was an abandoned car and then followed up by visiting the Judge in the hospital and at the Nursing home. I'm glad they were rewarded. This is a good one.

  11. Before I hear your story to decide whether it's worthy of me liking it or not you want me to smash the button not just press the button but smash it get real people

  12. My mother had Global Amnesia for a whole day too! Lost in NYC, and she knew it well, she finally maked it back to Jersey. By evening, she would reference something that upset her, and then forget she had just said it. Say it again as if it was a new thought causing her blood pressure to continue to sky rocket with each time she repeated the scenario. I was afraid she was going to have a stroke. I had to respond very calmly, as if it was the first time I'd heard it to keep her calm. She was fine the next day, and since. Her doctor called it Global Amnesia. Those so-called memory meds, have the same side effects as Alzheimers, I wouldn't take them , or give them! A medication that doesn't work, dumped on those who have a misplaced trust in pharmaceuticals. It's all about the money! When she fell I took her to the hospital, they took her off all her medications. When I asked if that wasn't dangerous, a nurse said sometimes people get 'better' when they come off their meds. Wow! Mom did! Doctors get a kick-back from pharmaceutical companies for pedaling their drugs, and pharmaceutical companies fund medical school. It's all about maintenance, not cures, even though they know how to do that too. Cure discoveries are bought, and put on a shelf. There is even a cure for debilitating arthritis, and it even reverses the damage, but cures don't make money.
    There is a reason Hell is so available. Stay safe, always do what's right, and may God bless you with good health! 💌

  13. This story could have ended entirely different had it not been for the perseverance of these two teenagers. Kudos to both of them for just being concerned and caring enough about this Judge as well as another human being. I am thrilled to know that the Judge was discovered and saved by these teenagers. It's possible that this happens all the time to the elderly who simply wonder off and lose their way and are rarely found until it's too late. Memory loss is no joke and it could happen to any of us. Thank God he was safe and brought back to his family. Don't you just love happy endings? I certainly do!

  14. That’s a miracle n god is good allways thank god for this great rescue 10 points for the guys find the car un aplauso para ellos bravo guys

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