Amazing Art in our Mail!! (Fan Mail #23)

This video was initially going to return out earlier than Friday’s, so we deliberate Ed’s hair dye reveal for it. So faux you have not already seen his coloured hair but …

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25 thoughts on “Amazing Art in our Mail!! (Fan Mail #23)

  1. Hi Emily I live in England and I wanted to answer you question of how you get American money in England. So in England at shops and post offices you can transfer English money to American money. Hope this helps you in the future

  2. I use to have a bearded dragon and he didn’t eat crickets like he would let them die of old age and he only ate veggies (my mom found him in the road after someone left him and we live in East Tennessee so not good lol) but we had to get rid of him I miss him

    Does anyone know if Toms Chocolate Turtles and Chocolate frogs is a thing in USA? If not, I am TOTALLY gonna send Emily and Ed some! XD

  4. So, now you realize you're going to get more buccees socks than you know what to do with, right? lol 10:30
    (edit because i realized ed realized the same thing xD)

  5. so i was just thinking about if you had a wall in the snake Discovery building wit just pics of pets and fan mail i thought that would be cool 😀

  6. i watched your vids ever since i was about uhhh 8? now i am 10 years old wow 2 years of watching snakes and reptiles

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