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9 thoughts on “All New Land Rover Discovery Sport 360º Driving Review |

  1. Bobby, another honest review especially the part on Range/Land Rover confused product positioning! Love the 360 camera bro. Excellent 👍

  2. 2:25 the engine is mounted transversely on the disco sport, that's why you fell as if its more spacious than the glc and X3! TBH most of the cars on this class should have longitudinally mounted engines with rear wheel biased AWD systems just like the X3 and glc. most of the drive train issues you mention are due to this problem

  3. Interesting delivery method but does it have an option to fix the view relative to the camera or the car instead of fixing it to compass heading ie, not requiring to keep interacting to keep focus when you make every turn. Can be fun using a handheld but imagine doing that on a TV😀. Btw, would this car more suited to a diesel?

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