All eyes on new post-Brexit EU-UK customs border | DW News

After a half-century partnership, Britain has finalized its cut up with the European Union. Brexit seems off to a easy begin at a key EU-UK commerce hyperlink – the port of …

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43 thoughts on “All eyes on new post-Brexit EU-UK customs border | DW News

  1. As I am sure you know, the French closed their border stranding EU drivers in the UK due to covid. This had nothing to do with Brexit, but you try to infer that it did. Why????
    Do you report the truth or do you just bend it to support your slant on a story????
    Discusting behaviour.

  2. A slight correction. The lorries were not being held at a "local airfield". Manston airfield is on the other side of Kent from Dover and lorries to and fro have to travel on minor roads, through small villages. There will probably be disruption, congestion and annoyance to the local populations, and wear and tear on the road surfaces. Bumbling Bozza the Bullingdon Buffoon has only just recently thought about building a holding park next to the port of Dover, but didn't tell the local people who now find that their homes will be blighted. They are furious.


  4. so PRO EU… the trucks held in large ques, and an airport was due to the covid-19 virus, nothing to do with Brexit… so dum

  5. 加油吧,伟大的苏格兰人民,向华莱士一样英勇地战斗吧!


  6. Why do you have archived photographs in the background. Negativity or what. Give us news not lies and supposition. Your as bad as the BBC

  7. Good, if Irish lorry drivers use a direct ferry to france it will take congestion off of British roads. These Irish lorry drivers do not contribute to the upkeep of British roads through a driving license fee. So we will not miss them at all.

  8. U K passport holders, normally resident in Spain denied Boarding at Heathrow by B A on Sunday 3 January. One U K passport holder asked about compo. COMPO .only applies to E U countries. U K not in E U.
    Could not make this stuff up.

  9. Set up or what,Winter time and a nice shiny Stowbart motor rocks no dirt on the front screen iand its gleaming and the driver has a nice shiny high viz on….perlease

    stowbart one of the worst hgv companies to work for,and yes i`m a hgv driver and to work for this two bob company would be the pits for millions of hgv drivers in the uk they brought the hourly wage down for HGV drivers back in 2005.

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  11. Total misinformation, the weeks before Brexit with the lorries lining up was because of the Coronavirus not Brexit. They don't make it clear, this is brainwash.

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