ALL Cayo Perico Island Treasure Chest Locations | GTA 5 Online

All Cayo Perico treasure cheast places. Incomes you $15000 per crate. Twitch: 2nd Channel: …

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30 thoughts on “ALL Cayo Perico Island Treasure Chest Locations | GTA 5 Online

  1. Additional info: every day there's one on land and one under water. The ones ive shown are on land. There's another one close to the underwater ine showed in the video next to the red crane in the main docks. I'll try to have a video up for the 2 locations every day. Stay tuned.


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  2. Seems like you put very little effort in this video. Your friend found the other locations. You show the first location on the runway, the 2nd location at the shed, then you drag your viewers back to the runway to show two more locations?? I take it 45 seconds of thought to plan an efficient route before making the video was just too much work.

  3. good guide but you could quadruple the amount you make for each chest and i still wouldn't waste my time hunting them.

  4. there are two things with this, the 1st is that this is NOT all of the locations that these chest will appear in because according to the rockstar site. 1 is on land and 1 is underwater each time they respawn so this video only shows 1 spot underwater. the other thing is you CAN get inside the compund while doing the scoping mission. all you have to do is jump from the very top of the communications tower and open your parachute as soon as you jump which will allow you to fly over the fence and into the compound ground or into the compound itself depending on where you want to go.

  5. Uuhm i checkt every spot but just found one and i did it 3 times looking on the spot for the second one but neve found it

  6. Are there any more spawn spots?
    Or there'll be days with only one chest?
    I just went to all 10 locations you've shown and only one chest spawned.

  7. I found the one on land, but the one that you show that’s under water isn’t there. Is there another underwater location?
    Edit:I got the 4th one you showed on land.

  8. This is getting ridiculous, Rockstar is now drip feeding awards and collectables? It's almost as lame as drip feeding Legendary Animals in RDRO. Thank you for finding and posting them, I want to get them for the awards, but have zero desire to run around that island any more than I already have trying to find a chest for $15k a pop. Did you go through the code to find the spawn points or was it an accumulative effort of several players posting where they found them? If it's the latter I would be happy to add any I happen to run across.

  9. That's good and all, but why the fudge are these chests only worth 15 grand? I mean, moving the friggin sub used to cost $10 grand I believe… So we are basically getting 3-ish free Moors Mutual calls a day for taking the sweet ass time to go to Cayo Perico, and search 10 friggin locations xD. I betcha I can make 10 times that in a matter of 5 minutes by stealing a car and selling it from the import/export DLC. It makes even less sense if you consider that you had to spend AT LEAST $2.2mil in order to be able to get to Cayo Perico to find the treasures, and even more if you are not currently planning to do a heist and need to spill the $250k to start a new heist… Spend your time doing something else, really, only consider these a nice little plus if you happen to find one whilst doing other scoping tasks for the heist.

  10. An interesting neat new addition there indeed, and whilst sure it doesn't give that much cash, it's still a nice little bonus or extra incentive whilst scoping out the island if you happen to find any or such! Thanks for this guide to the extra locations too👍

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