Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski reacts to new evidence in case to convict Trump

The proof that has been offered to this point is fairly damning,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski mentioned. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch Extra on …

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46 thoughts on “Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski reacts to new evidence in case to convict Trump

  1. See a pattern here?? 🧐 The demonicrats 👿 doctored and fabricated evidence to frame and surveil Trump for the Russia hoax (the "dirty dossier"), the first phoney impeachment the demonicrats conjured up a phoney witness, a whistleblower no one got to interview 🤯, demonicrats conjured a phoney witness to falsely accuse justice Kavanaugh (Blasey Ford) 🧐 and many believe as I do demonicrats and their crime syndicate doctored voter ballots that over 200 signed affidavits attested to 🧐 if they would doctor evidence and show it on live TV during an impeachment hearing it's not hard to believe demonicrats 😈 would perform voter fraud under the cover of COVID 🧐

  2. What a snake and traitor
    We are witnessing the most CORRUPT, UNETHICAL & CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT PARTY in AMERICAN history. Sorry loser…Actually, It is a wonderful Day, President Donald Trump was acquitted. Now if you want to have a sad day. that was the day Biden was elected in a Rigged election.

  3. Shes getting voted out. The hypocrisy of the left is insane. This lady just ended her career. She will go down on the wrong side of history.

  4. Her Brain is as frozen as the Far North! She has always been a corrupt Politician and cares more about her lucrative Income then the welfare of Alaska! Trump has done more for Alaska in one year then the Murkowski Clan will accomplish in a lifetime. Vote Murkowski out if you care for Alaska….she is a RINO!

  5. The sad part of this is Americans are realizing how truly stupid some of the representatives are in the district of corruption Washington DC , how easily the Media can manipulate these clueless people in DC , it’s astonishing but not surprising given all the ineptness we have witnessed for decades .. just clueless , out of touch , mindless , and Stephanopolous just vomits senseless yammering like a sick alcohol poisoned adolescent .

  6. The Sellout Senator of Alaska, this is who I want for a senator. LOL! Maybe her & the other 5 SELLOUT RATS should join the Demoncrats. Mitt can be their leader.

  7. In my opinion We have never had (at least in my 64yrs) any type of violence in the capital like we saw on this day in Question, I also believe that if people were working taking care of there families they would not had time for this riot. Due to the pandemic people are out of work frustrated and don't know what to do, So they do what ever they want and in this case it was this riot, about a month earlier it was the black protesting were they smashed in Macy's front windows and looted the store. And this will only get worse in this country because there is an old saying idle hands are the devils work. In translation if you have nothing better to do then you will join in in the destruction of property people and lives. It is that simple. Now for the hard part!! this country has lost over 400k (yes400k) of small businesses that have closed permanent due the this pandemic. And those businesses and the jobs that went with them are not coming back. Large companies due to this pandemic have been forced to have there employees work from home in order to stay safe. And now these companies realize they can keep these employees working from home and save money on overhead like commercial building space and pay. Things will never be the same in this country or for that matter around the world. So my advice to all is if your out of work use this time to get yourself re-trained in an other profession.

  8. Thank you Lisa for your honesty as a Senator and supporting all of us here in Alaska. You will always have my vote but Sullivan will never get my vote again.

  9. How does it feel to pick the wrong lame donkey's or elephant's to run with accompanied with the bias, truth spinning and lying media outlets with lame staff. Proud working Americans know who you are and we are the winning team always@unity.orgQar

  10. This B is a real non-piece of work!!! Trump 2, Swamp Creatures a BIG fat goose egg! That is a zero to all the Libtards!!! LOL 😜

  11. Thank you for conscious
    As the song goes by Alison Moyet song on You Tube goes All Cried Out official video. Please watch listen reflect. Hurricanes to election 🗳 laws the COVID-19 national disasters. Many families sacrificed everything in military to civil service you name it. Time to end the ridiculous conversation of self preservation for a seat in Congress. CSPAN voting 🗳 Crew lawyers in DC CCR Justice. Literally people tried to deter.

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  13. The evidence of a brainwash drum beat by democrats using the fight word will be made an example of. Biden was not elected he was appointed.

  14. Well Lisa when you vote not guilty, you basically said he did not do it, not his fault, free to run again. They will only hear NOT GUILTY and parrot that back, over and over.

  15. This traitorous 'cover her backside' RINO, has something against, less unemployment, more jobs for blacks, less tax, more household income, cheaper and local energy, less pollution, no war.
    Is there a problem ? If there is, cross the aisle, you and Collins. There is no doubt that you'll both be happier there.

  16. How could President Trump lie about the votes when we voters already knew there was a problem with the votes. So, President Trump is still an honest man unlike, Biden and Harris. Let's start impeachment on them for lying.
    People know what you felt now act to help the people who live in cities that Democrats have police defunded…go there and relive your fear to help those in need now.

  17. The barbarous green tellingly drag because dinner thankfully label past a xenophobic receipt. foamy, natural step-son

  18. Democrats caught faking and editing evidence to promote hate and their corrupt agenda and America saw it live no matter how much fake MSM try's to spin it

  19. Sore Loser Trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Shame On Trump 😁😁😁😁😁😁
    Person Woman Man Camera TV and Jail 👌
    Shame On All Republican senators who defend Trump 😂😂😂

  20. I want to Lisa´s reaction after a series of videos showing the lies and hypocrisy of dems on third day of trial. If she does not change her mind, she is a Rino.

  21. She may not be concerned he could win another election but I am. We’ve already seen the power of his cult of personality.

  22. Is the cult of Nazi now ok in America? That is what we are waiting to find out from the GOP. I do not plan to pledge allegiance to Q in my lifetime.

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