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45 thoughts on “AJS News- Microsoft Tried to Buy Nintendo, Twitch Bans POG, Polish Gov. vs CDPR, Tencent vs Hauwei!

  1. 1: Stupid Kotic.

    2: Dammit, I was hoping that Tencent would suffer a critical hit from this.

    3: Considering Nintendo's public status right now, Microsoft kinda dodged a bullet. Still hate Windows 10 though.

    4: Dammit, pog boy! You were supposed to encourage people hugging their own pogchamps, not to start a war!

    5: No comment.

    6: Definetly gonna look into the KI one.

  2. Cdpr should get scolded but if the last if us 2 didn't get punished for the lies they did to hype up the game? Then cyberpunk should not be shit on this bad..

  3. 17:13 And where would that $ go? The sharks are certainly out for blood in this case. Never heard about so many of them circling the waters when it comes to other video game releases. lol
    19:25 Yeah hopefully deter them from doing something like that every 4 or 5 years they release a video game . Wake me up when they go after Activision/Blizzard or some other company that releases games every year .

  4. Polish gov. doesn't care about customers, they're ONLY looking for money. They slaughtered the economy, they making a second Venezuela here. Our "Trump" is still in power. FFS

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  5. Angry Joe supporting censorship? Now that doesn't seem right. Almost like he thinks whoever disagrees with him should be silenced. To all three of you, that's fucked up.

  6. I never knew Joe and them were braindead.
    The face of the OG pogchamp didn’t entice violence.
    He was asking a question to see if there were double standards.
    Twitch was acting as big tech and I’m appalled that you guys who are against the gaming industry are blind to big tech.

  7. Ok wait – someone’s razor is used to trim the hair… then it’s used in sketch to trim kiwi… then the kiwi’s are eaten… ewww

  8. what pisses me off theres LOADS of games just like Cyberpunk that has come out that are bugy adn broken. Ive never seen so many in teh history of my gaming ever before. Like every game thats released now is like ET on the Atari level bullsht. Its actualyl disgusting that the game industry gets away with it. Gameslike COD dont generally release in these states. WWE 2K20 is still sht. Wheres the law suits agaisnt every other company that does it. CyberPunk 2077 should of been an early access game.

  9. Well done pronouncing Huawei correctly Alex. Even if you do not like him I can say Trump did not incite violence, I saw the banned video and he tells the protestors to be peaceful and go home.

  10. It sounds so serious when they talk about that polish gov org while it doesn't really feel like it 😂😂😂 and more of that angry Joe channel supports that org 😅 that's insane 😂

  11. Twitch banning PogChamp was unbelievably stupid. It's on par with Disney cutting ties with Pewdiepie because he did a Hitler skit.
    PogChamp did not symbolise the man in the photo, whoever he was. He symbolised an emote for 99% of Twitch users.
    Who cares what he does? Twitch caving is poor form on their behalf.
    It was probably a super extreme response anyway, if I had to guess.

  12. Sending much love from Belgium guys we truly love this dynamic Trio im so jealous i dont have friends i can trust like you guys its awesome to look at. Greetings JohnG.

  13. gooteks = goose steps His claim to fame is making a stupid face. Can we just relegate him to meme history where he belongs already?

  14. 11:00 "there was some dumb things on twitter so they removed it"
    wow guys journalism amirite
    grow a pair. Hearing your """opinions""" on the matter without even knowing what the tweet was about was so fucking pathetic.

  15. This is why comparing Polish labour culture to American labour culture does not work. One has protections in place, structures, frameworks, the latter doesn't give a shite.

  16. who is hating more on china, trump or joe?
    talking bad about companies making money on trash, meanwhile he has thousands of patreons, ads on youtube and sponsors..
    (maybe everyone should be allowed to earn their keep the way they like?)

  17. The fuck you mean Cyberpunk is does not work on PS4? I have over 80+ hours clocked into it. Sure it's buggy and I have crashed about total of 10 times, but to say it's SO buggy that it does not work is ridiculous.

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