AJS News – KFC CONSOLE, Silent Hill's Creators New Game, Tencent Buys Warframe, Miles Morales Bombs?

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21 thoughts on “AJS News – KFC CONSOLE, Silent Hill's Creators New Game, Tencent Buys Warframe, Miles Morales Bombs?

  1. And in China KFC made a cell phone It's a custom phone it's in red and it says KFC in the back And it has custom ringtones

  2. Another reason Miles Morales might not sell as well is folks like me who are willing to wait to play it on PS5 which I can't get yet

  3. I feel like people didn't buy Miles Morales because it is an expansion and nobody wanted to play the reworked peter parker in the upgrade.

  4. I have definitely spent less than $50 on microtransactions. However, I have spent quite a bit on just buying games. I preordered RE3, Predator, and DOOM Eternal. I recently bought Cyberpunk as well. And a bunch of DLC for some RE game. Weirdest part is that I'm 14 and feel real old. Like I buy old games because I like them. I like the old DOOM games or RE games.

  5. I know somone who is soo overly obsessed with fortnite like they obsess over the item shop and spend too much money on skins and emotes. The fortnite addiction is real with some people

  6. Whats so Puzzling? Why the fk would anyone want to pay $70 for Miles Morales, a single player action open world game with 6-7 hrs of content? For the same price you can Assassin creed Valhalla which has over 70hrs of content, Cyberpunk (albeit buggy mess), Yakuza like a dragon, hades….. This is just Sony being greedy and trying to cash in on Spiderman game. The game is just a $30 expansion for the Spiderman.

  7. Not only is Spider-Man: Miles Morales a standalone expansion, but something to remember is that a lot of people don't have the PS5. Scalpers were able to snatch a lot of units off of store shelves, and people won't buy a game until they have the console. Even though the PS4 version has a free next gen upgrade, many people don't want to play the game on the PS4, as they want the "next-gen" experience. I think the game will see a surge in sales once the PS5 gets easier to acquire (especially since there are not many titles to choose from at this stage).

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