AJS News – 10 BIG Xbox Rumors, New Violence in Video Game Study, Steam Awards, Stalker 2 Trailers

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41 thoughts on “AJS News – 10 BIG Xbox Rumors, New Violence in Video Game Study, Steam Awards, Stalker 2 Trailers

  1. 5:35 And teaches you how to use weapons, should you choose to take some to school and murder people you do and don't know.
    People won't know how to use them without game tutorials.
    Sure it won't make people more violent, just trigger the idea, impulse, skill and knowledge in those who have wanted and are prepared to do it. No biggie.
    Hyporices… I used to agree with you. But games teach you how to get rid of things you hate. Ok, so you don't agree. If I go and kill people you love, still you won't agree?
    Maybe the shape of your smile might change just a little bit when defending murder games?

  2. Alex was shaking his head the entire time during the Xbox rumors segment. Dude really seems to have a irrational hatred towards Xbox. There’s a 99% chance that all future Bethesda IP’s will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. At the end of the day Microsoft wants more people on GamePass. Losing the PlayStation base literally will not affect them at all.

  3. Woman Shot in the halls of Congress – Claim that the security officer had Doom installed on his PlayStation Thanks SONY :/

  4. I normally like and agree with Alex in a lot of things but he is suchhhhhhh a Sony fan boy. He hates Xbox so much lol

  5. Epic doesn't do things for consumers? Bruh yes there store isn't as good as steams. Give it time steam has been doing it for years and even steam has issues that I hate. But to say epic doesn't do anything? They give amazing free games every week. They give out free coupons like it's nothing. Just for logging in. Sure it's a way for them to get more money because if they give you more coupons, you will buy more. But still they give coupons and you could just buy one game but I bought at least five and saved so much money. I could of bought them on sale on steam but I would not of gotten coupons. Also anytime I've had issues with epic, the customer support has been so fast and helpful.

  6. My guy Angry Joe, O'J and Alex. I need to know a decent place to get a gaming chair from, I got one off wish for cheap and thought it was good but it just broke both wheels and the recliner attachment fell off

  7. Wtf do you mean epic gives nothing for the consumer!?!? I have so many free games that they give away every week one of my favs being civ 6. They arnt perfect but they have been doing great adding friends list achievements sucks to hear them get so much crap.(not to say they dont deserve any but damn obv they haven't used epic store in loooong time)

  8. FPS games are Training Simulators for the public…. Heard it from a high up Navy Captain…. Your senses are HYPER ACTIVATED… Think about it… In a fast paced game you need to be able to see the enemy while moving…. Now apply that to RL… You start to notice shit that is out of the ordinary….

    When driving
    When doing sports

    These fps games enhance your observation of information and processing

    Basically training SOON TO BE soldiers if they so choose to…

  9. only because Joe and OJ said they were all LG … Funny story … A few years ago my Samsung washing machine died. it served our family well for 10 years. I called a local appliance repairman to see if they could fix it. I forget the conversation .. but he said "I don't work on large garbage appliances" .. i was like no its a washing machine .. I was confused and then he said " I mean LG" … I laughed soo hard .. now i call LG . Large Garbage … lol!

  10. Sad. I love the ps3. First console I bought myself. Damnit hope they don't get sega. Wanna buy them for ps or some collection for pc.

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