Age of Discovery: Spanish and Portugese Explorations (clip)

Art work and map animation assist illustrate the thrilling voyages of Prince Henry the Navigator, Díaz, Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Ponce de León, …

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36 thoughts on “Age of Discovery: Spanish and Portugese Explorations (clip)

  1. Portugal started European expansion in 1415 and Spain only appeared much later. Its really insultuous to Portugal and to History to put the Spanish before the Portuguese, because we started it all. Its also Bartolomeu Dias, not Díaz.

  2. It would be nice to see the Spanish for once not show their complex of inferiority and accept their place in History.
    PortuGAL = GALiza = GALe = GAULe = GAULoise = Payes de GALe (or WALes in English) = CALais
    History there supports science which says that the Portuguese and the Scots have the lowest cephalic index in Europe and the slavs the highest.
    Look for this video in You Tube:
    Cephalic Index In Europe
    The spanish might learn something.

  3. Why are the Spanish their usual jealousy selves? The Philippines ?
    Go to the Philippines to their capital Manila then go to the metro area Makati then visit their National History Museum. What would you see in the entrance hall of the museum? Would you see anything to do with Spain ? NO !
    In the entrance hall of the museum you would see a large scale CARAVEL with a plaque:

  4. Columbus or Salvador Fernandes Zarco (google it) as was his real name, was in fact Portuguese. Portugal during the age of discovery had many "agents" and Salvador/Colombus was one of them. He was born in Cuba Alentenjo Portugal which is the only other place on this planet with this name in which he named the island of Cuba. His wife was 100% Portuguese, his kids were born and raised in Portugal not Spanish or Italian. He only went to spain when Portugal did not want to sponsor him.

  5. Columbus was Iberian (Spanish or Portuguese). What is known is that his wife and children were from the Spanish Peninsula. He spoke in Spanish and every document he ever wrote was written in Spanish. He signed every document with a Spanish name not Italian. All the envy in the world cannot change this. Remember, civilization did not begin in England, it spread there from the continent.

  6. As for Columbus, google columbus zarco and you'll see that he was in fact Portuguese. Lived in Portugal, his wife and children were Portuguese. He didn't spend a minute in Genoa. Thats what hey wanted you to believe. Cuba Alentejo where he was born is the only other place on earth that shares that name. You can do the math from there.

  7. Amigo, look up first Global empire and you'll educate yourself and realize that the Portuguese empire was the FIRST GLOBAL EMPIRE, its a fact Amigo. You can't dispute it, look it up, it is a fact. Not only was the Portuguese the first Global empire, but the longest standing empire in history with the exchange of Macao to China in 1999. Look it up on wiki Amigo.

  8. Ahahahahahahahahaaha!! Don't make me laugh…spanish the first global empire??? where the hell did you got that??? Were you in Asia? NO…were you in Africa? NO…spanish didn't trade with no one…you plundered and killed Aztecs and Incas…that sums up your glorious "exploration age"

  9. Wrong, wrong, wrong….the most valuable currency then was the Portuguese was like the US Dollar nowadays…so valuable that even the Russian nobles in the court of Ivan the Terrible preffered to be paid in the Portuguese currency than in Rubbles and Kopeks. You spanish put one thing in your head…you only had central and south america (in fact, most of south america ended up being Portuguese too, due to the fact that Brazil grew up incomensurably) and Phillipines.

  10. Portuguese were trading were it really mattered….Spanish were killing the Aztecs and Incas and settling with a whole big bunch of NOTHING (Pacific Ocean)

  11. Portugal didn't had a global empire??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I know what you have…JEALOUSY!!!! Spain had central and south america (excluding Brazil and half of Uruguay) and also Philippines
    Portuguese were in:
    -Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrein, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam (Conchichina) Moluccas Islands, Taiwan, China, Japan, Carolina Islands and some of the Marshall Islands and Australia.

  12. Colombus was from Genoa, so, Genovese. Thats something known worldwide, maybe no in your country.
    Portugal had a very early age of exploration, true, but thats not what is called a Global Empire…regarding Cuba, there are many theories too but the most respected by historians is The name Cuba comes from the Taíno language. The exact meaning of the name is unclear but it may be translated either as where fertile land is abundant (cubao). Cause Cuba also has a meaning in Spanish he aint spanish..

  13. The fact that Portugal never held territorial possessions in North and Central America, doesn't rule out the fact that Portugal held a global empire due to the two points I mentioned earlier. And when you take into consideration that Spain never exerted territorial dominion in sub-Saharan Africa until the 19th century, and they never exerted territorial dominion in continental Asia, their global "status" is very questionable.

  14. Most modern historians concur with this fact. A few old historians might still disagree, but whether he likes it or not, it is a FACT that most historian consider Portugal to be first truly global empire for two main reasons. ONE: It was the first empire in history to hold territorial possessions in all four major continents; Europe, America, Africa, Asia. TWO: It was the first empire which established a GLOBAL trading network, stretching from Japan to Portugal.

  15. Exactly my friend, this guy is blinded by his Spanish bias. It's funny how he doesn't consider Portugal's empire in the mid 16th century, which stretched from China to Europe, as "global". Portugal held territories in Europe (Portugal is situated in Europe last time I heard), North Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, South America, India and China. It was the first empire to connect all four corners in the world, and it is recognised as such for being the first global empire.

  16. Correcting: D. Manuel I as King Neptune over the oceans – in German world maps and xilogravures.

    And Manuel´s Armillar Sphere with M.R.O.E. (Manuel Rex Orbis Est) or M.O.R.E. (Manuel Orbis Rex Est) inscribed in the Zoodiac of the Universe.

  17. Despite Portugal being more global, but in geographic terms and dispertion, i. e. in that particular views, altough witth powerfull ceanic Armadas also the and between 800 and 900 Fortresses and Forts around all the continents in the middles of 16th century. And the new 16th century European Cartography on the World, which shows the cosmovision and the cultural new view at the time is eloquent and speaks for itself, in symbols, flags and notes.

  18. Portugal formed a Kingdom with its own Empire yes in the law after 1580-81 in the Laws and in the outh of Filipe II of Castille etc. and I of Aragon, Portugal etc., in the Courts of Tomar yes.

    Castillians, other Spanish and Europeans under the Crown were even forbideen of any place in the Portuguese Empire. By Law, by the way, the Portuguese hadn´t the same limits in the Spanish or Castillian ultramarine empire of the Indies, neither in other European dominions on military or political charges.

  19. Dear alter Ego of your friend, even the Pope Lion X, who in his sermons and letters in the first decade of the 16th century called D. Manuel I the new King David and king of the World, because of the mitical Trapobana Island (mostly attributed to Sry Lanka, but also to Sumatra) – he had passed beyond the geographic regions of the great Alexander Conquests – which had to do with Zacariah prophecy and the idea of that time about a new World and a new Christian Era and the Prester John alliance.

  20. Even when the habsburgs start to rule (by inheritance) good part of Europe and had much more influence in those peoples, those same peoples near them, even some under them, atributed that to Portugal.

    The Utupia land (around a mitical place in Brazil) is present by a Portuguese in Thomas Moore; in Capela Sistina, Michael Angelo painted a Portuguese saving an African and an Asiatic from the limbo, the Germans put D. Manuel I (not other king) as the King of Neptune presiding in all oceans.

  21. 4- Btw who is Martin Page? the only information that appears in google is about a journalist( not even a historian) who wrote a book about the Portuguese empire.Now read who are Sir John H. Elliott,Hugh Thomas,John Lynch,Pierre Chaunu,etc..( the elite among historians), all of them and an endless list of eminent historians who i could quote,say exactly what i´ve said about the Spanish empire,indeed i quoted many of them.I can´t do anything if someone refuses to see the evidence.
    Un saludo 🙂

  22. 3-The Spanish empire,i.e the Hispanic Monarchy is considered by historians,including the most eminent ones the first truly global empire.A global empire that surpassed in size and in population, the
    greatest empire in the history of Europe, the Roman.Moreover, Portugal and its colonies were also part of the Spanish Monarchy and not the other way around.

  23. 2-You just prove that Portugal had more territories in Africa and Asia (that anyways later were annexed) and (unlike Spain),any in Europe or almost any in North and Central America while Spain had territories in the 5 continents.Philippines is an asian country as big as Italy and populated by over 100 million people.Did Portugal had something like that in Europe or maybe in North America? afraid not.

  24. 1-I already explained it to Omerath,read my comments, though some of them have been "suspiciously" marked as spam.Spain was the first to have an empire upon which it was said the sun never set ( a phrase that later would be copied by the British and used for the first time to describe the empire of Charles I of Spain,long before the annexation of Portugal).

  25. Yes very true. In fact, before the Iberian Union the Portuguese held the most advanced navy in the world as a result of the invention of the carrack, the most powerful war ship of the time. The Portuguese carrack of the mid 16th century was the most sophisticated, so much that the best ships of the Spanish Armada were Portuguese carracks adjoined to the fleet.

  26. WRONG. Not only was the Portuguese empire the FIRST GLOBAL EMPIRE but it was the LONGEST STANDING GLOBAL EMPIRE known to man. Have a loo at wiki/Portuguese_Empire and get educated.

  27. Portugal had known about North and south america long before Columbus "discovered it" thats why we chose to divide the new world with the Tordesillas treaty (look it up), but at that time in history, India was the prise possession for the spice trade and Portugal focused on that. Spain were in the shadows of Portugal as we owned what at the time everyone wanted. Forca Portugal heros do mar!

  28. Sorry amigo but here are the facts. Portugal were the first WORLD GLOBAL empire, only afterwords did Spain, British, French etc. ride the coat tails of the Portuguese explorers. Columbus who was living in Portugal and was actually Portuguese BTW (Google search columbus + Zarco Portugese agent), named the Island of Cuba after the town he was born in, in Alentejo Portugal Cuba. No other place in the world has this name…

  29. A curiosity: Even the Spanish strong reunited navy (the most powerfull in world at a time, as the English almost also in the end of 16th and 17th centuries (and in the land armies as Spain first)
    In navies, not properly the powerfull land Spain, England and France, if we considered periods like this one in 1480 to 1560s-90s (here gradual) and one another 1600-10s to 1700.

    …but Portugal in one and the Dutch in the other, the more primal world powers in the power of ships, types and inovation.

  30. Y, We should avoid some time of "nationalisms". You already answared. Only after writing, I see your comment. Says everythind, and better in sintesis. I´m thinking remove my comments here. Give a idea of copeting nationalism antagonism towards Spain. I don´t want that).

    But remember was due to history and Tordesillas that Portugal became erlier more universal.

    Spain was much more powerfull at times and was a huge Aragonese (later Middle Ages) and later the universal habsburg Empire.

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