ABC News Special Report: US Congress certifies Joe Biden’s election victory l ABC News

Hours after the lethal riot on the Capitol, Congress has licensed the votes of the Electoral School. #ABCNews #BreakingNews #Biden #ElectoralCollege …

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50 thoughts on “ABC News Special Report: US Congress certifies Joe Biden’s election victory l ABC News


  2. The enemies of the Republic turning up the Propaganda to 11 once again. But doesn't work when you are this obviously engineering a Marxist fraud against We the People.

  3. In the US, Deep State Illuminati's child abduction and pedophilia are still present. The US is a country without human rights! America must completely destroy the Illuminati Deep State!

  4. Please understand this isn't over. Twitter has described an additional attack on the Capital sometime between January 17th-20th. Between first day of new congress and inauguration. Please don't go to inauguration.

  5. I bought a dominion voting machine to count my Covid relief money. It turned my $600 into millions of dollars. Best investment of my life!

  6. Dems have two years to screw things up but in 22 Republicans will take both Houses and Biden might as well go back to the basement.

  7. We are about to go from President Jason Voorhees and Vice President Sponge Bob SquarePants to 80 year old President Michael Myers and Vice President Wicked Witch of the West.

  8. NIX 46!! He's an illegitimate "elected" official. If Congress, SCOTUS and Media refuse to allow investigations into Voter Fraud and blatant "irregularities", then he will always be seen as The-Fraud-In-Thief!

  9. And with that congress commits TREASON by certifying a fraudulent electorate nullifying the 2020 election. Watch what happens next. Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

  10. Funny how Leftists are ok with months of protests that result in rioting, looting, and death in city streets and residential neighborhoods, but when you take it to the place it should be taken to, they now find the behavior abhorrent. If you didn't call it out before, you have no place to call it out now. Hypocrites.

  11. 8/1 On 6 Jan 2021,
    Mr.Pence confirmed the result of Cheat Vote.
    CCP is successfully control the world.
    Who wanted the real vote,who will died!

  12. A message from the conservative community:I dare the the Biden administration to come for our democracy. we were there when we stormed the capital. If 400k people can storm the capital, just imagine what we can do when we are armed and storm dc. For weak minded democrats, if you even think about getting in our way, just know bloodshed will spill and people WILL DIE. You have been warned.

  13. I wouldn't expect America to be as corrupted if not more corrupted than my own country, and yet here we are…
    Joe Biden won.

  14. F*ck the whitehouse, coming straight from the underground.
    The young Trumpers got it bad cause of voter fraud
    We aren't marxists so the media thinks
    We're all nazis and KKK murders.
    F*ck that sh!t cause I ain't the one
    For a punk motherf*cker with a gavel and block
    To pry away our jobs and our churches
    Well they can cry about the red state secession.

  15. Congratulations Joe Biden and the members of Congress who certified his victory despite the terrorist attack on Capital Hill by the extremist supporters of Donald Trump.

  16. The administrative state is orchestrating the hijacking of America.False flag Antifa planted in the Trump protesters crowd and directed into the building by police where they staged the violence.

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