ABC News Prime: Trump facing 2nd impeachment, Covid crisis, Remote Learning Generation Left Behind?

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40 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Trump facing 2nd impeachment, Covid crisis, Remote Learning Generation Left Behind?

  1. They are Terrorist period.
    What would the news and other media call these individuals if they were from a different population ?
    These people had handcuffs, bombs, weapons, and used various social platforms to openly enlist and encourage violence.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH … innocent men and women had their lives cut short by law enforcement … law officials and their underserving punishment was….paid leave .. transfers.. and undeserved freedom… there is no question inequality and the inability to change ascribed status determines the level of justice one is given …. or denied … I pray for this nation and all the innocent people impacted by inequality injustice and violence

  2. Hey I pay for YouTube premium. What’s the big idea of sneaking in commercials? What you guys are doing here double dipping again? 🧐

  3. When does the impeachment of Nancy Pelosi begin for what they found on her laptop? Or do we not prosecute criminal Democrat laptops any more?

  4. The flag is at half mast at our Nation’s Capitol. But not at the White House, it flies at the top of the pole!! A complete disgrace. Trump is a disgrace. He should resign and never show up in politics again. Don jr. should already be behind bars. Giuliani too. They incited a seditious riot at the nation’s Capitol. Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted or America will lose again. Enough is enough.

  5. I think Donald Trump had made so many mistakes and the biggest mistake as the worst problem wa the COVID-19 of the pandemic because it would kill so many people and it might be controlled by the Trump administration but it didn’t happen because Trump reacted too late to be controlled. So many people died already and so many people will die in the future.
    You must look at South Korea COVID-19 situation, even though it is a small country, so many people travel around the world as they controlled the pandemic by the order of president Moon as he ordered to control it quickly as possible. President Trump admired president Moon’s quick reactions.
    I think you may agree with me 100% about president Trump that he is stupid.
    Oh, my God, the riots were everywhere you must be careful with that when you drive a car.
    Inflation is going up too much to buy food and also unemployment is going up as sky-high.
    I think Trump must go home after the November election day of this year.
    It doesn’t matter the color of skin, but it is always created problems by the Republican Party.
    I don’t think President Reagan was a Racist because in his presidency during that time the colonel[b Powell became the 4-star general Powell. The Republican party created Racism, not by Reagan.
    I like a bit more the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. But they are almost the same except for Racism. But Trump has created Racism with the Republican Party.
    Also, his performance as a president has been terrible, probably worse than Bush.
    I am getting really mad about President Trump that he is the stupidest and dumbest president I've known. I used to think second Bush was the dumbest president, but I was wrong about him. The stupidest and dumbest and worst president is Donald Trump in 64 years of my lifetime.
    Oh, my God, it seems to me that Trump doesn’t know what the works of the presidency of the United States of America are.
    I have only one problem with Joe Biden. He may be too old for the president, but I think he will be a good president much better than Trump.
    Also, North Korea's stupid dictator pig Kim Jong Un has a gangster’s mind in his head who will give us big bad headaches with nuclear bombs and he is using North Korean people as machines just like robots.
    I feel very sorry about the poor North Korean people.
    I agree and support South Korean President Moon has some right ideas about the peace plan, but the problem is always North Korea dictator Kim’s family that they will never give up the nuclear bombs and weapons that they use to attack the United States of America and Japan and South Korea. The Japanese government has worried about North Korea’s nuclear bomb attacks.
    But South Korea bit the Japanese economy for 10 years because South Korea has computer systems and internet systems better than no other countries.
    Japan is jealous of South Korea’s successful economy that they blocked when Trump would like to add South Korea into the G7 Summit this year.
    And China always uses North Korea to cover up their own bad behaviors that make uniting Korea more difficult in the Korean peninsula peace.
    What if the Chinese government didn’t allow Kim’s nuclear program that strongly opposed North Korean’s nuclear bombs as a result North Korea has no nuclear bomb, China would be a great peacemaker, but it will never happen in the future. As I said before, the Chinese government has to cover up their own bad behavior problems to use North Korea and say like this :
    The Chinese government says that “Look, people of the world, look at how North Korea behaved, how bad they are, and look at us how good we are.”
    I worry about Hong Kong that people used to have freedom which Great Britain had provided for so many years disappeared now. Why do I care about that? Think like Trump’s head “I don’t care!” that’s why he is such a terrible president.
    Russia also uses North Korea to cover up their bad behaviors just like China.
    President Putin of Russia and President Xi of China have the same dictatorships who have been controlling people in their laws of the country.
    I believe one person who has the political and military power for more than 8 years in countries like China and Russia, becomes a dictator easily. They have less freedom as they block the internet for dictatorships.
    The change of the political leader is important to society.
    That is why Obama doesn’t like Putin and Xi. I agree with Obama and I don’t like Putin and Xi as they are bad dictators who won't help their own people or people around the world.
    Thinking about a president’s job is very difficult to do.
    If you are the president, you must worry about everything and try to do the right thing all the time. That is why we elect the president and give the political and military power.
    Again Trump has made many mistakes and the biggest mistake as the worst problem was the COVID-19 because it would kill so many people and it might be controlled by the Trump administration but it didn’t control because Trump reacted too late to be controlled. So many people died already and so many people will die in the future because of Donald Trump.
    I think Donald Trump was the biggest con-artist who became the president in American history.

  6. When Biden said he eas saving the soul of America he made himself an anti-christ. And any support for him is following an anti-christ. Trumps always said he fights for us he never said he was saving us. We have one saviour Jesus christ. We don't need to be saved again.
    Peace and agap'e.

  7. If you don't hold all of the Trump's and his cronies you'll be the laughing stock of the World! Them Canada will drop you because he'll be able to do it again!

  8. THE LAW SAYS CHARGE TRUMP WITH MURDER!!! A REAL HERO DIED THAT DAY!!!! He was everything to someone! And a hero to America! 🇺🇸 ⚖️

  9. "President of the United States Incites an Insurrection Leading to Assault on the Capitol, Punished by Twitter for Life."
    When is it enough already? Whether or not they can move against this president to remove him from office, charges need to be brought against him for his role in this sedition in D.C. last week. The first thing Biden should do on Nov. 20th is set in motion the DOJ on all the possible charges that can be leveled against him, before, during , and after the the swearing in process.
    This country is in an inverted flat spin and the pilot in command of this ship is insane and seemingly intoxicated from the mix of medical cocktails that he slurped down during his treatment for Coronavirus last year. Oh, and that recent denouncement speech was nothing less than an infuriating insult and another hypocritical attempt to cover his arse after another shoe chew session.
    God forbid they come up with some other kind of lame excuse to avoid what should have been done years ago. Remove this dangerous madman from office immediately, bring him up on charges that will ensure he goes to prison for the rest of his miserable life, and prevent him from running for any kind of public office ever again. The excuse that it will cause more division to follow through with charges is total cow crap. If the woman that falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her cell phone could be extradited from California to New York, and brought up on four separate charges, then how is it possible that this president could just slip on through the hands of the legal system again.
    American lives matter, me too, times up, enough already?

  10. [5:109]
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    Allah saith: This is a day in which their truthfulness profiteth the truthful, for theirs are Gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they are secure for ever, Allah taking pleasure in them and they in Him. That is the great triumph.

    Unto Allah belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is therein, and He is Able to do all things.

  11. Bull. Privileged individuals need to wait their turn. Some are trying to get Olympic athletes vaccinations now. Totally wrong!! Athletes need to wait their turn or boycott them.

  12. Make people wait their turn for the vaccine. It’s not fair for healthcare workers and elderly to have to share with those idiots who refused to wear masks. I’ve been in my house since March 8.

  13. We are going to get some of these bad actresses off the street and in jails. America will hunt them down no matter how long it takes.

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