ABC News Prime: Ice cold hot mess in TX; Biden admin's COVID mixed messaging; Indian farmers protest

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44 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Ice cold hot mess in TX; Biden admin's COVID mixed messaging; Indian farmers protest

  1. Jesus really really loves and cares about you so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

  2. Ted Cruz (senator) of Texas.. vacationing in Cancun while the people who voted for him suffer in freezing temperatures with no power and water. And he talks about Biden Admistration lack of responsibility. Funny.. Biden administration doing more work for his state than he is. tAnother FAKE KLAN member of Trump organization

  3. 💯💯..Damn,I hope Americans will start to prepp supplies like a month plus of food,water and research different ways to heat your home and have portable propane cookers as for boiling water and cooking food and some heat and there is something called the tub water bag that holds 100 gals of water in your tub as the power comes on fill it or just buy 5 gal jugs from flea markets and learn how to store water that can last for years if sealed correctly..STOP BEING CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS for lights portable solar light bulbs that charge in the sunlight and last for 6-8 hours of light and these lights can be hooked up to phone chargers too and get mummy sleeping bags that will keep you warm below zero weather..PLEASE PREPARE FOR THE NEXT EMERGENCY AS YOU SEE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE ON YOUR OWN,,YOU ARE YOUR FAMILIES FIRST RESPONDERS IF YOU HAVE THE PROPER EQUIPMENT OR YOU CAN BE A VICTIM, THE CHOICE IS YOURS…

  4. "IMPEACH BIDEN" bumper stickers are now on e b a y. order several. People want these when they see them on your car. Never let America forget, Biden is the illegitimate president. Banish Mike Pence

  5. how you socialists liiking global warming. if its rammed Down your throat – dont accept it. Where is Al Gore ? Florida! duh. losers .

  6. Cuomo killed thousands of elderly people in nursing homes. Needlessly and alone. That is a fact. All the mainstream media who decided to ignore and not report on this story. You all have the blood of those who died on your hands as well. You are disgusting parasites. Also all those entertainers who came out in support of Cuomo. You also have blood on your hands. For what? Dirty politics. Hatred. You all are disgusting disgusting dirtbags. Those people were so ones parents. Grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends. Live with that you pieces of sh@t.

  7. Wise are the people whose stoves are still from propane or methane gas. They will survive. But for those whose stoves are electric, they'd have a rough days and nights. Sooo what will happen to Americans now if America requires all household consumptions converted to electric?

  8. 4:36 "How can we boil water, we don't even have power." —Me: Imagine if the snow storm happened when every household consumption converted to Biden's renewable/solar energy. Wise choice America! HA

  9. Stop doing the bapohment sign black ppl YAH will make u pay get out of Babylon separate ur selves from the world cause they are doing depopulation if they can’t get u in COVID they will get u know the signs redemption draws near the rapture is near repent for the real Christ is coming

  10. Weather wars God is in control repent u wicked world God is pouring judgement is pouring out these wicked globalist are going to get it first you can run but can’t hide ur time is up

  11. Bitter lesson that should be learned even after this disaster: Pride goes before a fall. Politicians should stop washing their hands and pointing fingers at others for this mess.

  12. Just to be clear. Texas independence and pride landed it's People in the dark ages in the midst of a deep artic freeze. All those dumb arse Cowboys had to do was connect into the national grid like EVERYBODY ELSE.

    Now, the Texas Governor, Senators and House of Representatives, who tried to circumvent the U.S. Constitution, will come crawling on their hands and knees BEGGING for federal government dollars. BEGGING for a damn HANDOUT. A pack of pathetic PARASITIC LOAFERS.

  13. The Government has kicked this down the road for years. Being from Illinois, I've watched politicians do this about infrastructure for years, but never, except once, when it actually meant 'constituents' (AKA the bones politicians chew to keep their seats) are dying. I don't think any of the Chicago chewers are still around after all those old and poor people died. But ask Ted Cruz: he must be more learned than I, if he can jeer at California. Bet he's warm, so don't worry folks, if your old and tired and poor die tonight! Ted Cruz and your Governor are going to be Just Fine!

  14. I see no one is talking about the homeless. What's being done for them? Probably nothing, their deaths probably aren't being reported either. America is disgusting.


  16. FACT: Flu cases are down 99% worldwide since "covid." See "FluNet" custom charts on WHO website.
    "FACT-CHECKER": AP News, "Flu cases are not down 98% globally". Technically, this is not a lie, since cases are actually down 99%.
    How in-your-face do the lies have to get before you see what's going on?

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