ABC News Prime: Call for Trump's removal, Capitol Hill security failure, Global reaction to riots

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21 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Call for Trump's removal, Capitol Hill security failure, Global reaction to riots

  1. ABC and the like Projecting again. Just like clockwork! Get rid of your Cable Network and shut down fake news like this Garbage!

  2. Laws need to be enforced. Regardless of people's opinions. If you don't enforce the law it enables choas.
    The capitol and those in the capitol were not protected and citizens and/or
    their business/ livelihoods were not protected.

  3. Omfg what a bunch of biased BS! That was a hell of an intro aimed to paint our president as an insurrection leader. Patriots are domestic terrorists? Wow.

  4. I just searched Google for the term "negress". My biological mother is Black, and I am sure she would not appreciate the censorship. Google might be racist against Blacks.

  5. LWhat do communists know about democracy ?! All you tell are LIES ! The Second Coming is real and all you evil none believers will judged by The Lord !

  6. The black mayor wanted limited police and no weapons. She has feuded with Trump in the past . She wanted carnage . She was part of the call that refused backup . She has blood on her hands . Remove her .

  7. It's no wonder Los Angeles is overrun with covid. That's where Dr John MacArthur is preacher of the Grace community Church since 1968. He don't buy this covid stuff. So, the county he lives in is affected by his church. I wonder how many people in his church are suffering from it. I'd like to know.

  8. The police show of brutality during the protests was like the emperor showing off his rings to the impoverished. The lack of response at the Capitol building during the revolution attempt, is like the emperor not wearing any clothes. They were simply unprepared so, why? Had that been two or three black men with a gun, they would have been dead. Had it been a crowd of 100 black people with one gun, how many dead?
    This is what we have to face. At any time of the day or night, the guy or gal shopping next to us could be one of these people raising children to believe this garbage from childhood. I know, I was one.

  9. 44:40 ish. This thing about Kyle Rittenhouse shooting in self-defense. You don't go out into a riot with a gun and call anything you're going to do self-defense. The first line of self-defense in that case would be self-preservation. Don't go to start with.
    This manhad better be charged with the murders he committed. I'm calling out white supremacy favoritism in this.

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