Abandoned NY – North Brother Island

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27 thoughts on “Abandoned NY – North Brother Island

  1. Have a absolute fascination with NY and exploring it on Google maps… saw this island and needed to know more about it… and this is exactly the video I wanted. Good footage, with good info. Short and sweet. Well done.

  2. all you did was give us ariel footage of the island with real fruity music. go into the island and get video. that's what we wanna see. you better go quick before me and my crew get there and ransack the living daylights out of that place

  3. The fact that north brother island was abandoned makes me wish it can be rebuilt as a new neighborhood in the Bronx it is absolutely stunning, I love islands so much

  4. I'm gonna go live on that island. start my own colony of bird people we will worship zorgo the only true God that reeks havoc over the sea bottom and all will be at peace

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