A Week in the Wilderness on Nova Scotia's Island

4 pals trek into the distant highlands throughout the previous couple of days of 2020. The climate and terrain make for difficult situations as we cope with accidents, …

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37 thoughts on “A Week in the Wilderness on Nova Scotia's Island

  1. Thanks for watching! These types of shoulder season trips really put into perspective how important it is to have a game plan before going into the backcountry…as well as a plan B, C and D. Let's all stay safe out there and respect these amazing places!

  2. I enjoyed the video Except for watching the dog sit on snow and looking after his paws. Whining so much and no mention or attention to the dog. Why take the dog ?

  3. We call it Swinter here in New England. The cold with rain can be a real show stopper. Glad you guys made it out safe. 2021 will be better!!

  4. Cape Breton is one of my favourite places, I live in Digby Nova Scotia we have a lot of good hiking places, thanks for sharing

  5. The only intelligent one was the dog and you forced it across the potentially deadly river. My concern is that other people will think this is a good idea and a dog will die.

  6. What an adventure. Really enjoyed it. That sure looked cold. Can see why they call it Barren lands. Gotta ask, Is Wes related to you?? And i agree with a comment below…i liked the Loon call intro

  7. Really enjoyed watching this. I am a three season camper and now I know why! I would much rather be an armchair adventurer on these winter treks. Props to you three for pulling this off though, that looked pretty tough at times. But that makes stories even better after the trip is over.

  8. GEEZE….YOU HAD ONE JOB…..I was a Ranger team leader in Viet Nam and if I had not been Thorough in in process people died…

  9. Cool video, great trip. I watched the video while cycling on the home bike… and with you guys, I could cycle longer than ever bevore. (I started cycling at 7.1. at home office, to break a little bit my day)

  10. Good video. It reminds me of your epic Crossing Labrador adventure. I became a regular Youtube viewer thanks to that series.

  11. Guys, The only people out there are trappers that time of year. Why in the world did you not wait until summer to make that trek? If one of you broke a leg, the other two would have to carry him out or go get help to come get him.

  12. Hey guys, Impressive hike!!! I live on an acreage in the Highlands and never go into the forest in winter, so was very cool to see. I was also super impressed with the cabin, cheers to the people that made that happen, good on ya.

  13. Awesome trip boys!
    You can definitely never be 100 percent prepared for every situation, that's for sure.
    Hope to see an Alex adventure soon.

  14. This trip is hardcore, and the persistence you guys show is impressive. The dog, she looks kind of a Swedish Elkhound? Thank you for sharing, this was a great one!

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