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39 thoughts on “a UFO via MOON zero point focus / Amazing Discovery 👽👽👽

  1. .Wow.Tanks for the video.This is lightballs, I see them every evening at the last 4 years. Aliens send them to watching us.Lightballs seen every where around the world

  2. I just heard about a UFO going into a volcano, you should check it out, they are underground, too, and volcanoes are entry points into inner Earth.

  3. Another adjacent Earth Pond (advanced civilization) owns the Moon and this Earth Pond's secret military is observing, coordinating or something as a big operations are in motion to happen here.

  4. You need to get good honey. Even raw unfiltered. Have some every morning with some tea and that should help those glued shut eyes. Get different ones too. Orange blossom .,they have blueberry.,clover and many more. If you haven’t tried it I recommend. Stay well D.o.D.

  5. Hi Donny, your buddy Dan here, Another great video, thank you.
    Would it be possible for you to flip the contrasts, make the white black and the black white?

  6. A military veteran that lives by me has been telling me to look for a military base station that is in orbit around that area of the moon. I had never been able to see it before when watching the moon and thought he was full of it but this seems exactly as he always described.

  7. Awesome Donny. That craft is big. Thinking Death Star. Planet bases. Moon base. For the fallen angels. So many things point to that. (IMO) 😁💕🙏

  8. Hey brother as always it's a pleasure…check out ary_55 latest moon video of what he caught. Strange days brother. Strange days.

  9. Great catch, also, the moon should not look like a smiley face, it should be lit up on the side, I'm pretty sure we tilted awhile back, nothing is as it seems anymore ❤

  10. Could be a military drone. They have technology we know nothing about and we know the moon isn't as far away as they tell us. Nice catch!

  11. Howdy brother. Good morning to you. Yes, I see the little point of light on the moon too! It could be a landing light of some kind. It seems to be on the cusp of the moons dark side. Ufo was awesome my friend! Thanks for sharing these incredible catches Donny, its quality footage. Have a wonderful Monday and week. See you soon bro. God bless you! 😊🙏✌❤

  12. Interesting catch with the light on the dark side of the moon. UFOs are active lately and you are catching um'. Great job!

  13. Yep, you got it Donny. Great capture.
    So the moon thing……it's not our moon. Since when did the moon have a mushroom cap like that? In addition, the entire sky ceiling has dropped drastically over the last month. I feel the moon is local and is being projected and there is accompanying tech moving along with it, as it cartwheels thru the sky. That object looked like a "quick repair " or something. ….there is Def a relationship between the moon thing and the craft. Awesome WORK as usual. I would normally be in Florida this time of year, and I know what you mean about the incessant pollen, 😊. Be well, God bless.💖 👍

  14. D.o.D. Peace Brother. Hey. One time I got sick from eating snow, four yrs ago. Recently I heard of other people getting really I'll from playing in the snow. Someone melted the snow and put it under a microscope and there was parasites. Can they be using the weather as a biological weapon? Nothing amazes me after finding out Gates controls vaccines after they were banned. Thank U for your vids.

  15. I see little dots by weird things, i believe we determined there are projectors up there, holograms, we know not wheather it is night or day, we know not what actual day it is, times have been manipulated as well, hence no one knows the time or day because we dont now!!! Every single thing is deception but CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED, hence why Paul said that is all he wants to know. Peace be upon you

  16. Great intro.."Donny be SPINNIN'" I think the zero point is a laser tracker/defense as the object flashes in unison with the zero point…Lookin' good DOD….sharp as a tack.

  17. Donny, Have you seen the video of the moon the Russian cosmonaut took from the ISS? He said it’s the moon “setting” weird a.f. looks like a hologram, check it out!

  18. Very interesting… There's no telling what is going on. So many mysteries. Great catch.

    BTW this image reminds me of the 'Pepsi Slogan', or symbol…
    Out of color of course.
    (Red & Blue)

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