A TORNADO DESTROYED My Hardcore Minecraft Island!

Welcome to a Hardcore Minecraft Survival Island! This can be a modded hardcore minecraft survival server with my pals! – – – – – Hardcore Minecraft Survival Server …

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45 thoughts on “A TORNADO DESTROYED My Hardcore Minecraft Island!

  1. did anybody realize rlcraft has a leveling system?!?!? AND NO WEATHER EXCEPT VANILLA AND SEASONS!!! THERE WAS A TORNADO

  2. I call bs…
    Why do you say you're playing hardcore, but your hearts are not hardcore..
    You're just not showing the times when you die… It's all staged.. lol

  3. I’ve bucket challenge is when you get a water bucket also at the start you found fossils from jarrasic craft you can cover it in this paper thing then you can get it so that’s why you didn’t get anything

  4. You should start streaming on the server. It would be a lot of fun to see all of the bits and pieces of what happens.

  5. Hey Blitz, you can just get a water bucket and drink off that infinitely instead of getting a purified water canteen like I did.

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