I made a really stunning discovery whereas shifting my yellow loopy ant colony (the Golden Empire) into their new Crystal Cave Temple Terrarium. Hope you guys …

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49 thoughts on “A NEW ANT DISCOVERY…

  1. Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! Isn’t it such an unexpected discovery?! Thanks for watching today’s video! Please REMEMBER to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and select ALL for ‘Notifications Squad’) if you enjoyed this video to help me keep making more! Ant love forever!

    And also, PLS VOTE in the replies BELOW by hitting LIKE on the NAME SUGGESTION(s) you like for this new Crystal Caves Temple Terrarium of our Golden Empire:

  2. I feel like you should name the place Chrysopoeia because Chrysopoeia is the term for turning stuff to gold. Just thought that name would fit the Golden empire.

  3. Fluon will not unstick when it comes into contact with the water from the rain system or fog. Baby powder will need to be re applied often as the water will wash it away.

  4. AC Question of the week answer:
    Using Fluon as a barrier makes it easier on the ant keeper because you don't have to apply it as often in very humid or wet conditions.

  5. Because you have mist the baby powder that you use mostly would fall off but you said that once fluon is dry it takes a while to fade

  6. Hey Ac family. As I was watching g I noticed something on the back of a yellow crazy. Is this something we need to worry about. Especially after the previous 2 mite invasions? Time stamp is 11:54 when a single ant is in frame. There is a little red dot on its social stomach.

  7. One of the advantages of using fluon as a barrier to keep ants from escaping is that it last longer than other barriers

  8. Have you considered hiding the area of front glass that has the slippery stuff painted on it? Maybe a strip of black paper or something else that's opaque?

  9. I think we should call the free roamers the Pyrite Riders!! They ride along with the Golden Empire, after all!

    Dumps the golden empire out
    AC now: So I'mma just gonna dump them all out it'll be fine

  11. Just an idea for the fluom (if thats how its spelled) i bet you could buy a cheap airbrush off amazon and load that stuff into it. Mask off a clean section and spray an even layer so its not as streaky. that way you have a clean, uniform lip

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