A flashback through four turbulent years of Donald Trump – BBC News

Donald Trump received a shock victory in 2016’s US election, partly as a result of he promised to shake issues up. He leaves workplace with two impeachments and the …

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49 thoughts on “A flashback through four turbulent years of Donald Trump – BBC News

  1. He was a great president, media make him bad. He always made American people first.
    Fix immigration
    Lower tax
    Stop violent protests
    Crazy unemployment rates!
    Amazing arms deals with UAE

  2. Trump was an idiot. He knew nothing of democracy. He assaulted people verbally over and over. He was an animal. Actually first I saw he was elected I was surprised how people of a developed country could choose him as a president. Democratic party should've impeached him for thousands of times

  3. Now that everybody in the world has had the (hopefully) complete demonstrarion of how the former US President has been wrong with thoughts, speeches and acts for his whole period, shouldn't the British people be grateful to Mr. Dennis Skinner and Mr. John Bercow for having vetoed that man to speak in front of the UK Houses united as if such a rascal deserved it? It wasn't against the USA, it was against HIM. Jo Cox paid with life for a wrong idea that shelters in the mind of too many people.

  4. To all you uneducated brain dead morons… President Donald J Trump still rules. And he will be back, stronger than ever.

  5. Mc Donald tramp made me hate burgers forever and I was thinking to go blonde but because of him I rather go darker ..made me hate usa because I realised there are many people who are like him

  6. Trump is very successful in spreading the Covid-19 and dividing the country 😱 😱 . In terms of Governance , US performance under Trump is VERY POOR . Trump spent 4 years trying to MAGA and increased the national debt by another 37% . Is this an achievement or a disgrace ? 😥

  7. There’s only two thing you forgot when he was overheard on tape saying grabbing them (women) by the p***y and secret relations with a porn star.

  8. BBC is sooo bias many Americans think that he was a great president. He grew our economy soo much, all people care about is COVID like uh just learn to live with it it’s not that big if a deal

  9. The MSM can make a monster appear like a saint and make a saint appear like a monster….I don't know if Trump is a Saint or a Monster, just saying.

  10. And already Biden is screwing America.
    He's rejoining the Paris Agreement!!!!
    That is something most Americans don't want because it solves nothing but costs 100s of billions of dollars.

  11. Not one day at war. He's defeated ISIS. And he's withdrawn troops from all the war areas Obama started. Obama dropped more bombs on 7 different countries.

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