A Discovery Of Witches Series 2 Sky Original SPOILERS, BEST MOMENTS & ENDING (Season 2)

A Discovery Of Witches Sequence 2 Sky Authentic SPOILERS, BEST MOMENTS & ENDING (Season 2) Make sure to hit that notification bell to know after I submit my …

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12 thoughts on “A Discovery Of Witches Series 2 Sky Original SPOILERS, BEST MOMENTS & ENDING (Season 2)

  1. I'm so sad I've finished Season 2 ; ( I genuinely think they could have stretched the second book over two seasons and do the same with the third.

    It was beautifully shot, outstanding wardrobe and acted to perfection. Mr. Goode was born to play such roles.

    I especially loved the scene with Matthew and Queen Elizabeth I where he called her Bess. My only critique would be that there could, and it would have been divine, if a moment longer had been spent building up to Matthew and Diana mating. It was too brief, and there were not enough moments between Matthew and Diana in general. I get the impression there are many more in the books and I am desperate to read them and absorb myself in their world for a little while longer.

  2. Hello from Canada! I liked the first season better, but definitely that was an abrupt ending, looking forward to season 3. I liked the historical Queen E stuff. Looking forward to more info on daemons and their abilities.

  3. I love the first season. I watched it on repeat a dozen times I loved it so much. Then I read the books…
    First book, AMAZING! exactly like the show. Read the next ones, also amazing.

    However, the second book was my least favourite and I knew straight away this would be hard to convert into a tv series. We meet so many new people and it’s going to be hard to fully develop them. For example, I loved Jack in book 2, but in the show his character felt forced and the ‘family’ scenes between them just made me cringe. Also, Phoebes character wasn’t even introduced in book 2!
    They had a lot on their plate as book 2 had a lot of plot and character development and they should not have wasted episodes in the future. Just another thing the book did right. Tbh, at first I was glad that they didn’t all set it in the past but now watching it, I’m kinda disappointed in that aspect. 10 episodes was definitely not enough. I do understand that it would be a bit weird if they ignored all the old cast for a whole season and just used Theresa and Matthew (plus Dianna Dad).
    Spoilers (sort of): so, the theory about the guy who Marcus failed to sire in the beginning being the killer is wrong (unless they add a NEW plot line into the show, but that would be ridiculous as they clearly already struggled to fit everything into the show). I mean, you could be right as I’m not sure this exact thing happened in the books but who knows. I do have some theories of how it is though.
    Lastly, that ending was so weird. It felt like they had to fit it into the time frame of 41(?) mins, so they chopped of the end. The second book ended with them going back to the future and reuniting with everybody. Also (spoilers) Em is dead 🙁 sad but also eh 🤷‍♀️.

  4. I think my favorite spoiler moment in season 2 would be when Matthew is telling Diana about what happened to his father in Germany during WWII and after when he came home. It made me tear up. 😢

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