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6 thoughts on “A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 1 Opening | Matthew & Diana in 1590

  1. I sure hope after I subscribed to sky so I could watch discovery of witches that it plays full episodes I've been waiting forever lol

  2. I watched this as soon as it became available to Hawaii Pacific Standard time which was 1:45 am Saturday Morning and I watched and I just thought it was "AWESOME SAUCES BABY"!!!!!!!! Hell, I fell asleep at Dialysis because I didn't get to bed until 3:00 am. The BFI interview panel on the set and costumes was just so on target; I can't say enough about the set it truly was as Deborah Harkness describes "Authentic". And even the costumes were the same. I think most of all I enjoyed the relationship between Matthew and Diana being in this time period. Matthew's character was very gripping. I love stories of Knights of the Round Table, but I loved how Diana made the connection of who Matthew really was. "Matthew Roydon" a man that history doesn't know very much about and as he says "with good reason" I loved, loved, loved it!!!

    I wanted to add the connections i made the use of the "shadow prince" – that's exactly what Matthew was in the Shadows of this time period. And as for Diana the historian I loved how the writers somehow decided to show the dressing of her in her Elizabethan outfit, the look of her getting dressed by someone else and her performance of enjoying it because that is how it was done. Well, there is nothing I can do except to wait til next week for Episode 2. I'm too anxious for sure!!!

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