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30 thoughts on “9 PM | ETV Telugu News | 9th March 2019

  1. Special status badhuluga package annadu bongu annadu ippude special status antunnadu 4 years leni special status ippudu gurthukochindhi veediki

  2. Orey jaffagallara veedu sentiment tho koduthunnadu chusukondi appudemo congress hatavo desh bachao annadu ippude BJP hatao desh bacho antunnadu congress sanka nakuthunadu chusukondi vadi sankha meeru kuda nakuthara jagan ki chance ivvandi…

  3. ఒరేయ్ పప్పు ఎంతో కొంత అంటే ఎంత ఇస్తావు చెప్పరా

  4. Shame on kcr politics it should roadmap for next generation. Like this cheap politics going to give wrong message to next generation. Always politics and politicians will help for normal people not for their personal gredges and personal income. In that way I always appreciate CBN.

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