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27 thoughts on “9 PM ETV Telugu News | 6th July 2018

  1. Please provide time slots of headlines at what point of time time they are being presented……. in the description section

  2. What about Pawan Kalyan Yatra… don't support one party…. news channel should be support to everyone ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  3. Evadu chudu Modi Pai edpulu endhuku guddolla miru evaru deshanni mosam cheyyadaniki chusthundlo kanapaduta Leda single simham Modi gunpuluga vasthunna Congress mutalu

  4. Etv ki time daggara padindii kudakallaaraa… Ennallu meru original news lanu thokki petti unchagalaroo chooddamm..

  5. 4 yrs chandra babu nidrapoyada dramlu chandra babu u turn babu…chandra babu ap prajalu ni chala telivi ga mosam chestadu

  6. Please rectify it.: The news reader read the area allocated to IIIT and RGUKT in Prakasham district as 2800 acres but in the video that was shown as 208 acres.

  7. eppudu pasha parti gurinchi cheppadm tappa jagan parti gurinchi enduku cupadamledu news lage vundalikani okariki okari gurchi cheppadamenti

  8. BJP
    Can't ask favor in AP
    In the name of
    JanaSena arrived to gather Public Support

    People of AP are intelligent
    Can identify any form BJP

    Kabadar BJP

  9. Rise the voice every citizen of this Nation
    BJP dictatorship Rule

    Just we are waiting for Election

    Will have to pay for it
    for their cruel Politics towards AP

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