9 PM ETV Telugu News | 5th March 2018

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44 thoughts on “9 PM ETV Telugu News | 5th March 2018

  1. variki vignapti cheste vintada.pakeji isamantadu. Adi ichi chachedepudu. rahul no kuda nammaddu. bjp ela thappinchukundo alage chestadu.3rd front nayam.

  2. Modi is acting as Gujarat cm not Prime minister.he is suitable for the forien minister. Prime minister should be act as leader of all States.but modi is acting as BJP leader.

  3. Kcr first government jobers ki ooo antu salary lu penchadam kadhu nirudyogulaku nirudyogha bruthi evvu..pm sangathi tharvatha..

  4. Budget lo former Antha China china chupa Miku…… Pettadu nuv Malli BJP petaledu anta… Vadu nuv Iddaru dongaleeeee…. Games anniiiiiii……

  5. All party people rises only 3 or 4 days after that everything will be common ……routine story ……..political system manaku avasarama …??????tell me my dear friends…

  6. Shame on kambambati haribabu. He is not working for andhra people he is only working for his post (bjp job)

  7. Gvrnr is the worst fellow he is worst supporter of Ts state..We don't need to encourage him. . He is not able to full fil the act of 2014..Wy he is working as gvrnr of ap..Really shame…He is simply reading the statement……uselezz

  8. Modi is the only visionary prime minister of incredible India and only hope for our legendary country at present time

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