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22 thoughts on “9 PM | ETV Telugu News | 25th July 2018

  1. పన్నులు కట్టేది ప్రజలు.పంచేవాళ్ళు నిజాయితీగా ఉండాలి. రాష్ట్రప్రయోజనాలకు ప్రభుత్వం కృషి చేస్తుంటే మన తెలుగు మూర్ఖ సోదరులు ఇకమత్యంతో నడవకుండా వ్యక్తిగత దూషణలకు దిగుతూ ఇతరులదృష్టిలో పలుచనైపోతున్నారు. మన తెలుగువారి ఖర్మ.

  2. Inspite of several failures TDP will not learn from mistakes. Modi is the only visionary prime minister of incredible India and only hope for our legendary country at present time. Modi development lo 10% chesina. I support your idiotic speech. Even now you are under blind belief that other state parties are supporting you. Have seen ur support 126/451=23% for you and 325/451= 73% for Modi. Modi is a continuous winner in all the elections conducted. Please don't fool people of Andhra Pradesh. After every failure u pretend to be top. What kind of mindset is this sir? I like your attitude towards Andhra Pradesh development but path taken by u is not at all accepted by me…. Please set your path correct or else it will spoil our state development

  3. Vore pavan lokesh kante mansi and kasta padi person yevaru leru kani atanu mida avakalu sevakalu nivu pela sunnavu idi politicks

  4. Chandra babu naidu nu malli cm avvali ante gani donga jagan gani. yemi telayani pavan kalayan gani cm Avu te ap 20 years back ku velatadi

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