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23 thoughts on “9 PM | ETV Telugu News | 23rd January 2019

  1. RTC employees ki help cheyali government lo prajalakosam panichese department undante adi only RTC matrame jai RTC…

  2. Hii friends pls help me to grow in YouTube I have started new YouTube channel I don't know how to get views and subscribers I am a normal person like all of you let's help each other pls subscribe and click bell icon

  3. Aina telnagan ktr ku cbn nu thaluchukoni thee nidhara radhu emoo papam ktr garu ys rajashrkar reddy maricheepoyarmo gurthuku thaychukoo

  4. meekendhuku sir maa cm gurinchi ktr please mind your words…and take care of your state not ours and don't interfere herr

  5. paisa petubadi lekunta money sampadichalanu kutunara ite play store nude champ cash digital India app install cheyandi my ref I'd 19474757 my cell 9182304591

  6. ktr నీకు ఏందుకురా చంద్ర బాబు ఏమి చేస్తారో నీకు ఏందుకురా వారు రాష్ట్రం వారి పరిపాలన

  7. family Ltd parties close all family Ltd regional congress parties close after 2019 MP elections vote for BJP vote for democracy plz think viewers

  8. congress party is a company it is not a party .leaders and people are skill workers owner is gandi (batliwal mulla ) family .


  9. కేటీఆర్ నువ్వు తాగి మాట్లాడవద్దు మీ అయ్య లాగ అహంకారం అనేది దరి చెరనివ్వ కు

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