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23 thoughts on “9 PM ETV Telugu News | 19th July 2018

  1. Ó░¬Ó▒őÓ░▓Ó▒ÇÓ░ŞÓ░┐Ó░éÓ░ŚÓ▒Ź in state list…. Ó░ůÓ░▓Ó▒ŹÓ░▓Ó░░Ó░┐Ó░«Ó▒éÓ░Ľ Ó░▓ Ó░¬Ó░ĘÓ░┐ Ó░ÜÓ▒éÓ░íÓ░żÓ░▓Ó▒ŹÓ░ŞÓ░┐Ó░éÓ░ŽÓ░┐ state government

  2. Only Rajakeeyalu Not on real special status issue …. before elections drama .. God and people are seeing .. elections stunt only ÔÇö if the same thing done few years back we should have got some benefits ÔťŹ´ŞĆ­čĄö­čç«­čç│

  3. Dwaraka Tirumal Rao sir? Officers like you will always grow by doing nothing good. You are the one who never had direct interaction with the inmates. You always believed your subordinates words. In this process many innocents have lost their future and life. How can you be a DG ? Nobody see all this inner loopholes. They should first learn to be responsible in their duties not just believing the subordinates. I can challenge you for spoiling a life of one person as far as I know. And guess how many people have lost their future just because of your carelessness of your duty being a superintendent. I have given you most of the clues what am talking about. You are not the right person sir. If you have spoiled a innocent life you are not eligible to take this position. But still you will get it as you already got it. This way there are so many officers who really donÔÇÖt care innocent people who are called thieves,culprits and so on. We hate all those officers who donÔÇÖt try to know the facts by asking the inmates why they are in the lockup and how long they are in the lockup and what exactly happened with them. You just come to the Media and give the final report which is 100% false sometimes not always but still itÔÇÖs your duty to find out the facts sir. So I request the Etv channel to take this seriously to study about the facts behind why am objecting this kind of Officers. Everyone understands the system in the department but still nobody have the right to spoil other innocent peoples life. In place of Jai Hind I would like to say
    Hate the system within the Politics and the Departments. What is the use of Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers? They have the power to make the society good, bring changes in the economic system, change the lifestyle of the common man better. You people enjoy all the Luxuries,have world class lifestyle and you know there are people dying for food, Medical treatment, Education.( Govt education is there but whereÔÇÖs the quality? ) why canÔÇÖt you take initiative to bring the quality with the qualified teachers? They are all B.Ed teachers right then whereÔÇÖs the quality? They are just working for the money. When you are paying high salaries itÔÇÖs also your responsibility to see that they are doing their job 100% in quality wise. Why the leaders are? For what they should be given importance? To make their lifestyle better? Steal money? Make money?

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