7 Days on Japan's Smallest Main Island | Shikoku

On this video, I return to the smallest of Japan’s 4 foremost islands, Shikoku, and amongst many issues go kayaking within the crystal clear Niyodo river, mountaineering in …

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29 thoughts on “7 Days on Japan's Smallest Main Island | Shikoku

  1. This is spectacular videography, editing and voicing. So much effort must have gone in. It is beautiful place to visit

  2. Yet another place added to my bucket list of places to visit in japan.

    Thank you covid-19 for ruining my planned 4 months japanese trip.

  3. I have been staying at home and WFH for an entire year in Los Angeles. These traveling vlogs are pretty much my daily dose of life support.

  4. Wow great video and the view from the drone was awesome thanks greag you give that extra mile for us too see Japan how really is thks

  5. great video Greg/Lucy/Shin and Drone. A good video editing and voice over. appreciate some "peaceful" videos during this pandemic times…bringing us there when we are still at home. Thank you very much for sharing it all with us.

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