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50 thoughts on “7 AM | ETV Telugu News 9th April 2019

  1. Ani uttide .fec hamilule Anikale gelavadaneke.Ap prajalu mosapovadu…vidi matalu Vini..donga babu..venupotu podusthunnadu..jagrathaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Babu meru chesindi shunyam"me otami kayam.miru chesindantha..jagan pi vimarshale.miru gelavadam koraku janalaku venupotu podavadanikina siddam ga unnaru .miru otamini palithani Angikarinchandi..

  3. Edu padulu vayasuki devudu intiki pamputhadu..ETV korika nerevari CBN ki rest dorkutundi.. lokesh will take party south wards

  4. Modi is the only visionary prime minister of incredible India and only hope for our legendary country at present time.
    Mai bhi chowkidhar…. NAMO again-2019. 🇮🇳🙏 A small story I would like to tell you and want to take a picture on corruption but getting no support…. Imagine 5 years political power by a winning party. So
    5years= 5*365days=1825days=1825*24hours=43,800hours, so on a total by our valuable vote we elect a politician for 43,800 hours. So worst case how much can a corrupted politician can earn? Any guess? Coal scam is 10 lakh crores…. 2G scam- 2 Lakh crores, CWG, Folder, etc…. So I take only first coal scam….
    So 10000000000000Rs(one followed by 13 zeros) so their earnings are:
    1) scam amount per hour= 10 lakh crores/43800
    22,83,10,502Rs (23 crores😔) 23,00,00,000Rs
    2) scam amount per day= 23,83,10,502*24=
    5,47,94,52,05Rs (547 crores😭). 5,47,00,00,000Rs
    3) scam amount per year= 5,47,94,52,05*365=
    1,99,99,99,99,825Rs(2 lakh crores😠)

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