6 Bold Predictions For Star Trek Discovery's Season 3 Finale | TREKLAD

Star Trek Discovery’s third season is sort of full, however what is going to occur in its eagerly anticipated finale? I’ve 6 probably wild predictions that I have been …

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50 thoughts on “6 Bold Predictions For Star Trek Discovery's Season 3 Finale | TREKLAD

  1. well, your Adria prediction was blown out of the water before you even thought of it. CBS confirmed, after episode 3 that Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander will be returning for season 4!

  2. I like the president idea. I'd hope it was Gary Mitchell or Tasha yar or any character lost in action without a body recovered. Out of everyone, the coolest choice is a sisko. Figure a black Bajoran cardasian with the powers of the prophets. The design of the headquarters does mimic an orb.

  3. Tiily stays captain. One of the front chairs is the xo. Burnham basically becomes acting admiral mission controller black ops commando.

  4. Osira will get a yippekayai mf as the last episode gave us no shoes in an elevator shaft. There's got to be a helicopter.

  5. It would make sense for the doctor to die but to have Eli carried on the ship played by the same actor doing the doctor job.

  6. It would be funny to see enterprise q is captained by john de lancie but im sure the finale might be something that leaves us mad.

  7. Your theory about Adira & Grey & about Saru are about the most likely ones to happen! Excellent theories. Better not be Saru!

  8. I think I read an interview about Reno, how her part will be limited in season 4 and Doug Jones said something about having a lovely time doing season 4 albeit at a slower pace.

  9. I'm still wondering how Riker will swoop in at the last second to save the day…

    Time travel forward to save,( my words here)…Grandma Tilly, so he can still be born….
    ( She told him about it as a kid or something… easily treksplained away)

  10. Y-es, I thought in the backup EMH appearing in this season before its start, I love that episode and I calculated when would he arrive Earth. I would love to see him as president or anything!
    I like your idea of Solar forces arriving, but, like Ni'Var, they don't have a way to travel fast enough.

  11. Here is mine. Whatever the ending is, it will be mundane, boring, underwhelming, won't make a lot of sense, be a partial cliffhanger and leave you feeling empty and disgusted with yourself wasting your time on this meaningless prolix.

  12. I don't think that President EMH "The Doctor" would find the excessive use of dependent holos such as the Elai in the show pleasing 😂

  13. The "Suprise" Federation President could be Jean Luc Picard, because he's a magical Soog-type android now so could conceivably still be around.

  14. I liked the Adira character. Until I realized, Adira Tal is a recycling and update of the Star Child from BSG, when it went to total turd. But hey, every franchise needs it's Sith dagger way finder. And they can be characters. Long live Saru. And lol yes, EMH as president…They mentioned some ships and crews were "completely holographic".

  15. Hi, Well interesting but only one of six maybe likely. As for Osiras I think she will escape, Tilly get the bad guy and Burnham almost get Osiras. The Scientist is turned to the Federation and helps to develop the new Spore Drive technology with Adira

  16. Even if Saru leaves I don’t think Burnham would be promoted at this point. I think that’s a series endgame. Last ever episode. I hope Saru doesn’t leave but if he does I’ll take that as a sign that they are determined to have a different captain EVERY season. So I think we’ll probably get a 32nd century captain assigned and all the friction that might bring for the next season.

  17. Okay one Theory Doug Jones is not leaving the show he's already signed for the 4th season. I like to think about Adara and gray that could happen. the biggest thing you pointed out I thought about last week I was like what if the Federation president is the doctor from Voyager cuz we've never seen the president of the Federation yet we know there's one and wouldn't it make sense cuz the doctor would still be alive or could still be alive. I think Burnham is much better in the role she's got to where she's not tied down by being the captain of the ship. And cool I didn't think about it then the backup program doctor that's so cool. I was thinking about it being the doctor that just made it home with voyager. Good theory man

  18. I like the idea of Ni'Var and United Earth will come to reacue both the Federation and Discovery. I always imagine that the Preaident of the Federation is happened to be a Synth, who's likeness is similar to Data.

  19. Well, Saru is not leaving… unless Doug Jones is playing another character. He’s been taking pics in Toronto during downtime from filming season 4. 🤷‍♂️

  20. would love to see how all the feds 350 worlds are doing as Discovery spores in to help or to see if they need any

  21. i just hope Discovery gets back to normal planet missions an scuff evey once an a while with whats left of the emerald chain after the Romvulcans fleets appears along with earth's defence forces popping in wiping out Oyssra's ship with Discovery freeing herself from inside just as it blows all to save the crew on the Dilitium planet as they got info threw sub space communications , bout them an ships go to rescue them as the battle at star fleet head quarters is gettn good , its bout time to see Discovery fire some future power weapons to help kick ass , we , i really need to see some quantum/ transphasic torpedoes fly 😁😁😁😁 ither way if burnam gets captons chair so be it , she is the one who comes up with some get out of trouble cards for free alot 😁🤗

  22. I don't think Saru will go back to his planet, I think he will be promoted to admiral instead. The captain of the ship that solves the burn. That's got to be a promotion easy

  23. Also, whatever happened to Lt. Nilsson?

    (I just realized I know her name, but struggle to remember the names of those two guys who man the standing consoles in the back, even after three seasons…)

  24. Adira and Grey are definitely in Season 4 as both actors have said on their social media they're filming for it. The same goes for Saru as Doug Jones has been training for it.

  25. 4:40 Oh, boy… I had completely forgotten about him (the communications officer back at the sort of abandoned space station).

    So Burnham found Starfleet HQ and never called back to notify the poor guy? 🤔

  26. Number one on your predictions about Grey. Stamets went into the mycelium subspace domain and brought Culver back to life. Something similar could happen.

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