5 Island War Tips You Should Know!

These are 5 suggestions that can assist you maximize your recreation and rewards in #IslandWar. For this record, we’re suggestions that may profit each new and superior Island …

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15 thoughts on “5 Island War Tips You Should Know!

  1. Island war is sweet, if I had my choice of troops Ide load all my rafts with frost giants in front of spear boys and frosty archers with some air benders, halbs, wolves, mace warriors and nuns to finish it up. Best tip is to attack 1 spot with all your rafts, preferrably a choke point away from the islands ranged units. The less troops that engage your rafts at landing the better, the fastest way to die is to attack multiple points and let the entire island get alerted and attack. Just dont use these tips on me please and thanks. Oh, and test your islands defense by training on it.

  2. I have great tip for all players, old and new. Just dont bother playing the game at all. Im sure that when they r ready to launch the heroes into this game u r meant to pump so much money into this to stay competative. So go play something else

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