4BT Cummins Discovery #34.5 × It's Alive! (TEASER) [Land Rover Build]

Full video right here: Nonetheless lined in diesel as I kind this however could not be happier to listen to it hearth up… & at solely half enhance! ~ PART 34-1/2 …

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35 thoughts on “4BT Cummins Discovery #34.5 × It's Alive! (TEASER) [Land Rover Build]

  1. I'll have the full edit ready just as soon as I can! Still splattered in diesel as I type this, but couldn't be happier with how it runs & sounds at only half the boost setting 👍

  2. When I saw this video and how short it was I still waited to see it when I had more time… BEST ten second video on You Tube ever!!!

  3. Congratulations!!! Today I finally got a long term project that fought me the whole time up and running. You put a hell lot of work into yours. It's the best feeling.

  4. IT"S ALIIIIIIIVE!!! Congrats. Mike showed me the vid first thing this morning. I've been bugging him about firing it up.

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