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46 thoughts on “4 PM | ETV Telugu News | 18th May 2020

  1. Hi frnds.. Naa daggara excellent business plan undi.. recent ap and telanganalo start chesaru.. ekkadiki vellalsina pani ledu only phone lone… plan vinandi intrest unte join ayyi mi business start cheskondi.. plan details kosam naaku wts up msg cheyandi… wts up number 8500393029

  2. DO NOT ALLOW TAXIS FOR FEW MONTHS THROUGHOUT INDIA In USA the virus spread more by call taxis ( For example any corona a patient traveled in taxi and closed the car windows and start the AC air circulated inside only then it effect to taxi driver from Taxi driver to all other persons who traveled along with him .From others to others I hope everyone understood and one more thing in every vehicle one men only have to travel )

  3. Mari telanagana lo situation enti valu chesindae 24k tests andulo 1500 cases e prakram kcr garu man state ni trouble lo pedthunaru reason enti tests cheyakapodaniki megata states chesthunapud enduku ekada cheydam ledhu

  4. Respected sir / Madam please read the following 3 message, if you are capable of do anything / inform this matter ? Please read .

  5. (3) Sir Ji some intellectual criminal gang ( from Hindus & Muslims, who knows my status of ' loneliness ' / all about me) who may be the " off roll employees of terrorist group, ( & their next target may be CM of AP / Telangana, PM of India or President of India, Parliament of India or Rahul Gandhi / Priyaka Gandhi etc., ) " were misusing my Mcom education certificates ( at A.P ) from last more than 20-25 years by deceiving the Government Authorities. ( who are they ? behind this illigle activities ) Kindly inform this to the authorities & help me to come out from this suspicious status & do the needful in this regards. Please understand that " a person who met in an accident, immediately needs First Aid medicine, not name / shop of medicine / Medical shop ". My contact number is +91 8630557740/9410802104. Mail Id

  6. (2) Sir Ji Due to communication gap / barrier Mr. Salim Khan was not able to understand that " I am under going terrorist training by his direction from last more than 25 years ( since I lives all alone ) " in view ( spreading the roumers by ) of the evils / conning ( Vivek Obrai enemy of Salman Khan ) fellows in the society, by the reason of which leading my life becomes more & more difficult / problematic. I am facing a lot of difficulties to earn my daily bread, even though I am 1st class Mcom post Graduation, since my work space is non-technical with no one support & also with above drawback . Kindly help me to get reach this ( above point no. 1 ) message to Mr Salim Khan . At least please inform this matter to President of America / Human Rights Activist.

  7. (1) Respected sir please inform the following message to Mr Salim Khan Hindi film script writer Mumbai ( father of Mr Salman Khan actor) . Kindly get reach this message to him. Because a lot of people are looking at him but, he can't look at each & every single person.( U can know more about me at twitter – my ID ramu558/

    Respected sir ( Mr. Salim Khan Ji) ,
    I'm sending this message from Agra UP.
    I was escaped from / by my blood parents at my age 3-4 years. now I am 55 years old. When I raised questions about this fact ( escapee) to my mother i.e whom I called " maa", she replied me " ur birth was due to illegal relationship, ur blood mother left u at Railway Station " . This is the reason why I am living all alone from more than 25 years facing a lot of difficulties.

    Sir Ji ( Salim Khan Ji) from the given below 3 birth marks / facts revealing that I should be Son of Mr. Salim Khan.
    1. I had performed " khatna" as Muslim Religion, but grow up as Hindu.
    2. The black mole/mark at ur / Salim Khan ji nose left side, I too have same mark.
    3. Salim Khan Ji "right ear lower edge " little longer than left ear edge. I too have same ears.
    For further confirmation " DNA" test is there. Hence please call me to ur place. Or take police help. Please reply to / contact me.
    Other wise, I have already asking / requested / FIR to help from Honourable . Shri.. Dr. Manoj Sharma
    Additonal Commissioner of Police
    (W.R.), Carter Raod, Near Ashirwad
    Bunglow, Bandra (W), Mumbai
    , By My mail id U can also reach / meet /contact me through this police authorities. Please contact / meet me, an account of the above mentioned reason, more than 25 years l am living all alone by suffering a lot of difficulties. Please reply.
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    Please understand that person who met accident needs " 1St Aid " rather than anything, which is my present condition. please do the needful.,

  8. Lackdown antaru. Inti poorthiga ante 90% sadalimpulu vuntayantaru. Ika andaru bayataku vatcheste aa lackdown padamenduku. Ante India lo lackdown 90% ledannamata. Idi ee virus Inka mudirite vijrumbiste asalu manam bataka galama. Prabutvam manaku bari package itchi bari sadalimpulu chestundi kani janalu kuda bariga virus barina padutaremo

  9. Modi is waste p.m
    Pedalaki emi evvadam ledu
    20 00000 package lo okka rupee kuda pedalaku panchcha vachchubkani panchchaledu

    20 00000 crores package lo okoka manishiki 1 lakh 50 th evvachchu kani evva ledu

    Plz okkasari pedala gurinchi aalochinchandi sir plz plz😔😔

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