30-Minute Island Vibes Cardio Dance & Booty Toning Workout

Get able to “rock your finest” with this Island Vibes Cardio Dance and Booty-Firming Exercise! Led by skilled dancer and health skilled Raquel …

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40 thoughts on “30-Minute Island Vibes Cardio Dance & Booty Toning Workout

  1. I've been doing different dances from Popsugar. This one burns less compared to the others… I tested it again today and now am convinced, it burns barely 200kcal

  2. This work out was amazing!! I loved that it was low impact but still had me sweating and breathing. Also for any ladies who are into manifesting….. this is great. The moves really give you “I am thankful, I am blessed, I am getting what I want. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am sensual. I am pushing out negativity and pulling in abundance.” All of those affirmations were in these moves. And end where we walked into our day as a queen and put the crown on our head…. yasssss. We need more ROCKY!!

  3. Soy de Colombia y pasaba de rutina en rutina sin que nada se ajustase a mis necesidades, ustedes son increíbles. Gracias, recomendadas

  4. I really liked it! because of coronavirus I Stopped doing exercise. This is the video that I need to come back to a fitness life! thank you so much <3

  5. I love this workout! Love the personality and I don’t mind doing it a few times. She don’t get on my nerve. The perfect balance of energy

  6. what an amazing, happy, sweatttyyu workout! amazing to do it during our home office break to keep us motivated trough the day 😄💙

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