2021 Discovery 36Q Island Kitchen – Official Fleetwood RV Walkthrough – #Fleetwood RV

Take a look at this distinctive Discovery 36Q. The industries solely Class A Diesel motor residence with an island kitchen and and ‘Adapt’in a position dinette desk. For 25 years …

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22 thoughts on “2021 Discovery 36Q Island Kitchen – Official Fleetwood RV Walkthrough – #Fleetwood RV

  1. If only it had an electric fireplace, it would check every box. I'd even give up a couple of drawers in the bedroom for one.

  2. Almost bought a FW a couple of years ago but all models had exposed waterlines which would make even slightly below freezing temps a hassle. With the kitchen sink where it is, are all of the water lines enclosed/protected from cold and is the wet bay heated?

  3. When you know the difference (Newmar)
    When you buy a rev group product you get non existent customer service and average workmanship and build quality.
    I speak from experience.
    And consider yourself warned!

  4. Love this floor plan and kitchen design. I wish it came with a 3 burner gas stove and oven. My husband hates the convection ovens so it’s a no go with the convection oven. 😞

  5. Now that you know something like this is possible, it now becomes a must have option.

    Even without the island, that table is the best I’ve ever seen. I have alway disliked tables like is in motor homes. They would say you could just pull it out a bit to make it a four person table, but trust me, it’s not comfortable. I’ve always thought that putting a leaf or two in the table, would make the table a truly four person table. You never know, maybe a six person table.

    But this table design is better than anything I could think of, it is perfect. The way you’ve put this together, it will be a must have item. Making this floor plan, a lot of people would no even look at other companies, and sole spec your RV. Whoever came up with this design, should get a raise. Their design is a game Changers, in my opinion that is.

  6. Great floor plan. I would like to see this in a
    bunkhouse model with 1 1/2 bath. Also, you mentioned microwave instead of conventional oven. Please clarify. Finally, is the stove top removable? What about the floors are they heated?

  7. I think you have just created the new "base" design for a class A. I would suggest taking it to 38' so you could put a pantry beside the Refrigerator and 2 sinks in the bathroom on the other side. And my big complaint about so many of your floorplans, put the Lounge TV on a televator so you can put the TV down and have another large window in your lounge. Thanks.

  8. Very innovative kitchen however with the slides-in it would be very difficult to use the stove to cook dinner if need be.

  9. Hi Mike. I really like this floorplan. One question – is there a pantry? Is it in the island? You didn’t really show what storage was underneath the island. I would love to see this layout in a 40 foot model. I’ll be first in line to order one.

  10. I love the Class A evolutions lately. Toy haulers, great layouts under 40 ft, and now an island. Awesome! What is the difference in the insulation and other quality control things with the Fleetwood compared to Newmar?

  11. I am so glad someone came up with the idea of putting a island in a class A that works. I just wish that it was longer where you could have made a half bath and then a full bath in the back that would be the perfect RV

  12. Looks great.!!!!! The kitchen seems very functional and way to go to the designers on the table, they have just changed the industry. (Can you see the bottom of the TV over the couch – that one thing that stood out.)

  13. May I make a suggestion… have all outside compartment doors open on both sides before starting the video. All I saw was darkness when you showed the inside. The outside presentation will go faster, I don’t think we need to see you opening every door.

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