2020: The Year Of Climate Extremes | NBC Nightly News

NBC Information examines the devastating impacts of local weather change, following a yr of unprecedented local weather and climate extremes. Hosted by Right this moment co-host Al …

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29 thoughts on “2020: The Year Of Climate Extremes | NBC Nightly News

  1. Australia's already too dry. All the underground water is being sucked up for farming of barley and making of grapes for wineries. Cause and effect.

  2. Bioengineering and weaponisation of weather systems, yours TRULY, d.o.d and d.n.d plus ur govt.s…darpa…haarp….climate engineering….wake up folks, some evil men gave their hands in some of this crazy weather making. It's not all on mother nature, sorry to burst your bubble.

  3. I am highly recommend Trump to watch this video after outgoing. He might have no time for it tho. Lol:) Thanks NBC for this very informative and educative video whenever passing by the Rockefeller Center always feel thankful to NBC their effort to distribute fact check based news.

  4. Are you serious? Lets be frank New York is most likely gone… looking at how things are going right now, New scientific findings of accelerating ice melt, Bigger and more frequent wildfires releasing even more carbon Feedback loops that are underway or most probably already irreversibly set into motion, our already bleak future is just going to be even more bleak, if we have one at all. No reason not to fight actually the opposite, even more reason to fight.

  5. humans are not so bright. These animals were here before us, they would've learned to adapt. if they managed to survive that long they would've been okay. people just want to bother and discover. Thinking we're making the world a better place, ad making a difference. That's the sad part. Humans, people…smh

  6. New York city would deal with carbon dioxide / you made me laugh / because I remember sitting on our sailboat between ellis island and the statue of liberty with my eyes burning and I was coughing / couldn't wait to leave the next day for the ocean

  7. the snow fall in December and January in western new York as it fell it was dirty / I had to believe that the dirt was because of the fires out west

  8. lol there is nothing that can be done except the deaths of 7.5 billion humans. and keep the human population at 500 million… and none of you are invited to the party

  9. Have they not heard of fire breaks that is a path of 1000 ft wide path to stop fire. Suppose the wind would blow ember over the fire breaks

  10. I was living in Chico during the Camp Fire which killed 85 people. It was horrible. We had a 'nuclear' winter until it finally rained and the sky cleared up but we got 25000 refugees which killed the real estate market. We had no vacancies anywhere. I moved and went to PA.

  11. A slab on grade home on the gulf coast and people wonder why on earth it flooded. The water only has to be 6 inches deep to enter the home. Everything should be min 4 ft off the ground.

  12. properties here in western wet WA..have triple in price..this is the area to be in..but few years back we had a unusual dry summer and many fires.. Soon even here ..It will happen..PLP need to clear around half under ground -cement homes

  13. think..build your next home out of cement .. external metal shutters..u close up and leave ..coming back u will still have a home Some leave a sprinkler going on cement roof ..may need own power system (batteries) & well or large water tanks..just THINK ..old fashion wooden homes are STUPID ..Plp get insurance money or ? and u see carpenters building another wooden house <<STUPID

  14. We all need to turn back to Jesus Christ. The Lord promised that our land would be healed if we turn from our sinful ways. Trust Him.

  15. I strongly advise to Boycot NBC news they are in bed with CCP and are not for this country but The NWO/ Globalism. Take down this country and ABC CBS MSNBC are the same and now FOX has joined the Communist agenda. God help this country and your true people.

  16. Yeah let's discuss why California fires are so bad that's because all the politicians in California took the fire budget money and went and spent it elsewhere just like their homeless no money from any budget to help bail out them there stranded on the streets and the fires are raging through there forests in the cross there communities blame it on the people who created it the politicians

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