180 House Members Sign Onto Article of Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

The draft article of impeachment accuses President Trump of “incitement of riot.” In a memo, Senate Majority Chief Mitch McConnell stated the earliest a …

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25 thoughts on “180 House Members Sign Onto Article of Impeachment | NBC Nightly News

  1. They should not impeach President Trump. It's not necessary. If they do succeed the in the impeachment, there will be more anger and frustration from his loyal supporters and more violence. The storming of the capital on Jan 6 will seem like nothing if they remove him from office.

  2. What's with Joe's hair at the back. Looks like a mini mullet or a really bad toupee. It sticks out almost over his collar.
    HAIR STYLIST EMERGENCY. It doesn't look natural.
    Joe needs a professional stylist to attack that ugly style…. Urgently.

  3. There is something seriously going on here, these people are out for blood and Trump is their main target. People need to wake up and smell the conspiracy bc freedom of speech is being targeted, the new administration is going to bring in socialism and communism under the guise of uniting us and whatever lies they use to justify it. Everything they blame on Trump, they are the ones responsible, he's being so set up its horrifying. The stuff that happened was planned and allowed by these same demonrats who stole the election, and the people who are awake and see can't be upset, not condoning the violence, but come on, it's ok for BLM protesters to do this but not upset Americans who know their was foul play at the election. Freedom is dying and we're all just watching it die.

  4. The thing is, one should not try to counter God hand.
    And Gods hand will be carrying him properly in a second term.
    Watch the Glory of God step in soon, its going to be beautiful!!!!
    Glory of God will shine and we must get ready to Honor the Glory of Jesus Christ.
    We forget that there's a battle in the spirit world, and we only pay attention to what we see physically.
    God has more good things to be done through P.T.
    Glory of God shines so bright when we don't expect it and we are in aww when God changes things.
    Its going to be beautiful.
    The more they try, the more they show who they really are.
    Mr.Trump is really a champion of the people and a warrior.
    No wonder God is working through him.

  5. What about the stimulus? What about the covid restrictions destroying the economy? What a waste of time. And, if he is dangerous, why does it take so long to remove him? Totally absurd.

  6. Newspapers in America today are like the newspapers of communist countries. The press and big tech companies in the US today are only obeying the orders of the democratic party. They have silenced the president, the presidential messages sent to the entire American people are not propagated or deleted.

  7. Poor judgment? You must be kidding.Pres is a TRAITOR & just lead an unsurrectuon. He needs to be REMOVED immediately for the safty of this country. He belongs in Jail!

  8. China is too profitable and economical in the US election. If President Donald Trump works for another four years, China must compensate the United States and the world more than a hundred trillion dollars for the Chinese Wuhan virus harms the world. If Joe Biden and the democratic party rule the United States, China won't pay the price for the world. Therefore, China spent about 1 trillion dollars to let Democrats buy off TV systems, fake news; bribery of House members, greedy money senators, bribing some governors and bribing the court system of some states to the Supreme Court, China acquires the entire electoral system , using the Dominion machine as the US election rig to win presidents and senators of states by 2020. America will no longer have the clean elections that the whole world admires. Democrats will rule for life and will be dictatorships like the communist countries and according to the order of China. Vu Han virus case …… At that time, press and television; In general, the media and information systems will no longer be free to report. At that time, the salary of speakers and editors did not exceed hundreds of thousands as today.

  9. Nope! It is necessary. We need to make an example of him so that this will not happen again. The most vial act in recent US history must be met with equal opposition.

  10. Trump has gone way too far. He keeps pushing the envelope. Biden stop being Mr Nics guy, if the shoe was on the other foot the Republicans would've been brutal & swift. Strike now & strike very hard!

  11. IDC about a ban or impeachment. 😬 I want to hear about DONALD TRUMPs ARREST AND PLACED IN A STRAIGHT JACKET. the evidence is clear and present that he is a danger ⚠️ to society. 😳

  12. Why are Republicans giving Trump a pass just like they have been doing. If this is not treason then what is? Is ordinary Americans the only one who has to obey the law or any Americans has to.

  13. "For those wondering if it’s worth impeaching Trump this time,

    it means he:

    1) loses his 200k+ pension for the rest of his life

    2) loses his 1 million dollar/year travel allowance

    3) loses lifetime full secret service detail

    4) loses his ability to run in 2024"

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