1,600-mile Florida Roadtrip Adventure! (New Animals?!)

At the moment we head again residence from our superior journey to Florida and pickup some pre-planned critters alongside the best way! Take a look at Nori’s Fb web page Pisces …

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32 thoughts on “1,600-mile Florida Roadtrip Adventure! (New Animals?!)

  1. PLEASE make tegu videos! I love watching them and I have ran out of videos of them! I can’t wait to get my own!

  2. Omgosh you guys!! How in the great heaven do you guys have time to entertain us?!?! You’re AMAZING!!
    Dedication?! Or VACATION!!!??? Lol hope you guys got some fun into your trip! You guys deserve a rest!!!!

    Looking for invasive species of iguana

    Can’t find any…


  3. Oh so THAT'S why you had a black and white tegu at the end of your snake feeding video
    I was wondering when you got one of those

  4. OMG, so glad you guys got a velvet spider! I just got 2 about the same size and can't wait till they're bigger. They are so rare in the US right now so it will be a great addition for the zoo : D

  5. The two of you are the best…you show everyone how to find joy in the simplest things…I am so happy my son and I found your site…you have made 2020 very good…love Alaska so sweet and funny

  6. Alaska seems so dog-like!! She's proof that reptiles can be wonderful family members <3 Also, blimey America, you are one big beautiful country!!

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